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Created this blog to document my travels, experiences & thoughts thru Central & South America but hell plan to blog my travels to where ever. Goofy harmless Free Spirit hoping to spend most of my time with locals & enjoy the world! So hang on as I travel, drink cervezas, raise a little hell, maybe piss off a few people & hopefully not give Canadians a bad reputation! Of course don't do these things on purpose but while having a good time well "Shit Happens"!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

When was visiting the Ukraine decided why not check out Moldova!! Nov 2011

Here's some pictures of "When was visiting the Ukraine decided why not check out Moldova!!"

In  a previous posting had said we all have a bad day every so often! Well was going to change that to quite often lol! But don’t want to rant & complain as f*ck man I’ve just had another one!!! It’s probably mostly my own fault cuz have a shitty head cold & sore throat! So wanted to leave Kiev cuz it’s a f*ckin Shit Hole (maybe due to being sick & not being able to do anything)! I wanted to go to Odessa by the Black Sea so on the spur of moment decided to go today (Sat) rather than Sun as found a cheap flight! I’d normally take a bus or train but didn’t want to take a 10 hr ride cuz of my bad cold! So woke up this am and scored a sweet priced ticket! Then shit wasn’t thinking as asked the chick working at the hostel how long it’d take to go to the airport as had 2 ½ hr before my flight left! Was going to take a cab but she said oh u can take the city bus to the railway station and then the airport bus in that time! So like a fool I took it instead of a cab duh as shit don’t think she factored in the check-in time at the airport! Cuz my flight was at 2 pm & those 2 buses got me to the airport at 1:40 pm! So guess what the f*ckin check in counter was closed !

So had to pay for another plane ticket (about $90 to change my discount ticket)! That sucked but not as much as having to waiting 7 ½ hrs till 9:30 pm for the next flight (shades of me missing my Munich to Berlin flight last year & having to pay 150 Euros & waiting 4 hrs)! So f*ck ended up sitting in the shitty Kiev airport for 7 ½ hrs & paying $90! All cuz I was too f*ckin cheap to spend on a taxi to the airport to get there on time! Also hell sitting in the airport for that long didn’t do much for my shitty head cold and throat!
Oh the joys of traveling in -5C weather! Boy I’m going to enjoy Ethiopia & UAE in Dec & Jan!! Can’t believe the airport here in Odessa!! U get off the plane and have to wait outside for them to bring u’r bags on a trolley!! So wtf can’t passengers even go inside the terminal at 11 pm in the wind & -5C to get their bags?

Boy & they’re going to Co-Host the Euro 2012 with Poland next year??? Boy they have a lot of work to do! They can start by putting signs up in English, French, German or Spanish! Cuz doubt if any of those people can read Ukranian or Russian!!!!
But hey it’s just another crazy adventure - missing my flight in Kiev!!! Figure I'm going to like Odessa better than Kiev!!!

Budget Traveling in many countries is like Camping in the Wild West 100 years ago!! We have to search for food, water & shelter!! OK so we can go to a supermarket for food & water plus usually head to a hostel or couch surf for a bed! But shit usually u can’t speak or read most languages so u use sign language! So u don’t know what food u’r buying/eating even though it won’t poison u! U get off a bus or train in a strange city & have to search for a hostel or where ever in the dark & maybe rain/cold! Hell u have to fight off predators waiting to attack u & if u’r lucky just rob u & other times if u’r lucky u'll just get pick pocketed!! So shit man u have to be on top of your game, be street smart & not hung over or u’ll be f*cked over AKA robbed of your passport, belongings or cash! Yeah I’m talking from past experiences!

An Aussie guy and I came to this conclusion while sitting in our hostel dorm room the other night chillin & having a doobie!! OK so budget travelers have a beer or smoke cuz it’s the reward we treat ourselves to for making it to where ever we set out for! lol
OK so then u ask why the fu*ck would anyone want to travel to sketchy, out of the way places? Well we do it for the adventure as it’s like seeing what’s over the next hill or mtn!! Hell these days we have to search for the Wild West in places like Africa, Central Asia, Russia, India, etc! Yeah there are times u may wish u were at home with a cold beer! But shit man life isn’t about sitting in your warm home watching some shit ass TV show, movie or sports! Cuz everyone's life is an adventure but some of us want to add different experiences to get our adrenaline going!!!

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