Where am I?

Created this blog to document my travels, experiences & thoughts thru Central & South America but hell plan to blog my travels to where ever. Goofy harmless Free Spirit hoping to spend most of my time with locals & enjoy the world! So hang on as I travel, drink cervezas, raise a little hell, maybe piss off a few people & hopefully not give Canadians a bad reputation! Of course don't do these things on purpose but while having a good time well "Shit Happens"!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Life is amazing so let's try & enjoy it to the fullest!

I'd never trade my wonderful life, loving family or amazing friends for being someone else or having more. I’ve become more chill, kinder to myself, and less critical of myself. I've become my own friend. I don't worry about myself if all I eat are cookies all day, not being conventional, not being successful in my job, have a solid job or even gave up a successful paying job cuz it wasn’t me anymore or whatever. I am entitled to march to my own drum, travel for months, be extravagant & not commit or be responsible, etc. So basically like I don't give a F*ck as I don’t care to go with the normal flow! Some people have called me a Friggin Crazy Idiot, Useless fool, Unconventional, Nonconformist, Free Spirit, etc. but gave up caring what others think long ago!

I've seen too many people who only work & don't enjoy themselves so they end up leaving this world; before they really understood the great freedom that comes with living. They've never had the freedom of doing whatever they want hell maybe it's working!

Whose business is it if I choose to read or play on the computer until 4 AM and sleep until noon? I can sing & dance by myself to whatever awesome tunes I love, and at the same time be sad over a lost love .... even if the love was not really mine cuz it's better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all! The important thing is I've loved life and had the love of the ones that count - my family and close friends!

Should I care what others think if I get another wild piercing, crazy tattoo, dress like a slob, act like a bit of a weirdo, say stupid things with no tact, not be in a relationship, not get laid whenever I want, etc. So what if someone from the opposite sex doesn’t give you a second look or thinks you’re a loser! Life isn’t about being attractive to people but having solid relations/friendships with your family & people you consider friends! Those that mind don’t matter & those that matter don’t mind, like how you look as they see the inner you! Hell life isn’t about being rich & having a hot car, beautiful house, hot partner, etc. Success is being content with your life, having true friends and family that care for you! Cuz these people are true & don’t judge you on those things. But they are there for you, are loyal, dependable, helpful & listen to you, etc.

So what if I walk the beach with or without any clothes even if I may be ugly, short and may look out of shape! Cuz I can still dive crazily into the waves with abandon if I choose, despite the laughter from the jet set who find it disgusting. Hope they, too, can get to the point in life someday where they just don't give a f*ck!

So what if I smoke some weed when I want (would u believe almost every day?), have a few drinks & party like a Rock Star! (any or all nights of the week as don't have weekends!!) Hell like should I worry if some people may judge me for it! It’s about doing what I want to do and not what society expect as most people live by those standards. Shit I live within the legal, moral & safe life boundaries, well at least most of the time! But there again, some of my life may just as well be forgotten. As I only want or can remember the important things.

Sure, over the years my heart may have been broken. How can your heart not be broken when you lose someone you loved who's a family member or close friend, a relationship ends, a child or someone you care for suffers, or even when somebody's beloved pet gets hit by a car? But broken hearts are what give us strength, understanding and compassion. A heart never broken is pristine & sterile and will never know the joy of being imperfect. The thing to remember are the good times we shared with the people who have left us & we miss or those that are suffering!

I am so blessed to have lived long enough to have travelled, met some cool interesting people from many countries who have become my friends. So what if my youthful laughter may be forever etched into deep grooves on my homely face. Hell so many have never laughed about crazy shit that's happened or they've done in their awesome life, said to hell with society to do whatever they felt like doing as many have never left their comfort zone! Hell I believe u have to live on the edge sometimes to get your adrelaine going and live Life!!

I don't worry about getting older as it's easier to be positive. You care less about what other people think! It sets people free. But until that time I like the person I have become. I am not going to live forever, but while I am still here, I won't waste time worrying what others think or worry about what will be. So what if I smoke or drink every day (if I dam well feel like it).

But my hope is that any of my friendships never come apart especially since it comes straight from the Heart! So may you always have awesome Smile on your face & in your heart forever and ever.

Love your Family & Friends Forever!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Went to India on a Whim to maybe find some Spiritual Enlightenment but instead found a different kind of Enlightement & love with some awesome Indians! Which was more meaningful to me in the big picture!!

I posted my pictures to Facebook cuz most of my friends are from overseas and also want to keep in touch but other than a few friends well don’t communicate with friends on Facebook in Vansterdam !!! Also use Facebook cuz it’s easier to post pics on there then on my travel blog! So bear with me and put up with Facebook even if u dislike it as realize a lot of people use Facebook to post some real shit on there! Which is why I actually dislike that media!

Yeah so OK I know u won’t probably use Face book as u dislike it or don’t have a computer! But if u don't use a computer then how the hell are u reading this? Or maybe u must be using some shit like an friggin' iPhone so then u can follow my travel adventures on my travel blog!

I do a lot of traveling cuz I’ve been blessed with enuf money, balls to do it and the health to put up with the stress and poor living conditions to travel to some poor country and places that I stay! Also the food and water I put in my body aren't usually that good!! But shit if the places I traveled to was like back home! Hell I wouldn’t go there cuz it’s the adventures and experiences that I feed off when on the Road!! Cuz yeah I love going to out of the way hard to get to places if possible! That’s not to say don’t love going to run of the mill places too! But shit man dislike touristy places even tho some will say I’m a tourist too even if I consider myself a traveler!! Guess I go to out of the way places cuz they’re cheaper! Cuz like I usually travel for about 3 months as figure if I have to spend good $$ on a flight why the hell not stay a while and see more than one place!!! Hell in 2008/2009 I traveled for 9 months from Mexico, Central America, South America to Buenas Aires Argentina. But shit after 4 months an Amigo in Venezuela got me a cheap return ticket back home as needed a vacation from my travels! Lol So took a vacation from my trip/vacation! So then cut my next trip in 2010 to just 6 months to go from Spain, Morroco, Mauritania, Senegal, Mali and was heading to the heart of Africa down to S. Africa but shit got sick with a bad skin rash & itch!!! So instead headed to Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh, Iraq, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Holland! Then in Oct 2011 to Jan 2012 went for 3 months to Eastern Europe and the former Soviet countries to Instanbul, to Ethiopia to Abu Dhabi and Bahrain! Now on the spur of the moment bought a ticket for India for 3 months but stayed less cuz forgot to do any research as friggin’ Monsoon season was about to start along with School vacation in all of India which made it f*ckin’ near impossible to get a train, bus or any other cheap mode of transportation!!! Along with that any accommodations! So yeah hung out on the beaches of Goa just chillin’ doing a bit of 420 and stayed away from the usual drinking and carrying on that I do on a lot of my trips!!!

So yeah my trip to India for a bit over a month was a totally different experience and adventure! Cuz I made friends with and hung out with 2 poor Hindu cousins who had no formal education! But what the hells the difference cuz we could communicate and got a long really well plus we learned a lot from each others! Hell our backgrounds and culture were like worlds apart! But I got to love them and was really sad to say good bye to them! Hell I know that one day will go back to visit them! One thing I have to really fight is not to try and help them monetarily cuz like I don’t have anything myself! But compared to them shit I’m a gazillionaire! But that doesn’t matter cuz we all just try to share love and tranquility in living our lives the best we can!!! I got to really love my friend Sunita cuz she was sooo nice and couldn't help but feel sooooo sorry for Hindu chicks cuz they have really no privileges or rights in life! Hell they can’t go out to meet anyone on their own or even meet someone like who isn’t their husband or potential one! Shit I love that girl as she is such a beautiful person and so unlike any one I've met before! She is such a happy chick with a beautiful smile that warmed my heart! Hell the first time I saw and met her I was overwhelmed by her beautiful smile as it lit up her entire face!! I thought shit with the way her life is she actually doesn’t have much to be happy about or nothing to look forward to in life! She didn’t know what love was about, had no sexual urges like most people would in their mid 20’s, or knew what it was like to really like someone of the opposite gender! All of this plus her personality got me to really love her & I tried to help her make some money in her job so I bought some shit I wouldn’t normally get! Like some clothes, bracelets, a henna, foot massage (a Hindu woman can not give a guy a body massage only a guy could give it to another guy), etc. Sunita finally started to realize that a Hindu woman has little or no rights as compared to the men or Christian women! She told me she doesn’t want to get married but shit her mother is dirt poor so probably couldn’t pay the dowry (even tho it's supposedly outlawed in India now!) anyways! She was so loving and caring as she would spend a lot of time buying some over priced meat (for her), cook a meal and invite me over about every evening! So I felt bad as she would buy meat or fish which they couldn’t afford cuz they thought I’d want meat! So I told them that I’d eat what ever they ate as don’t have to treat me any different cuz in reality I’m not a big meat eater as it kind of bloats me and makes me friggin’ sluggish! So I gave them money for the expensive meat they’d buy just so I’d have some meat with my meal!! I’m sorry but can’t tell u how much love I had for Sudhir, Sunita and her adopted niece and younger sister! They’d bend over backwards to please me! They always offered to take me places cuz Sudhir had a motorbike so drove me around everywhere like a taxi! Then we went on a road trip and we rented a small car from Sunita’s brother’s boss for just $10/day!! So I couldn’t help but want to spend time hanging out with them! I learned a lot about living life as best u can, being dirt poor, working hard not complaining and probably simply existing from day to day with little or no future to look forward to!

Yeah I went to Goa to also meet up with my beautiful Russian friend Olga as we were really good friends as we met, hung out and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company in Ethiopia! But shit when I got to Goa and met my 2 Indian friends well I decided to hang out with them rather than travel with Olga to Nepal to renew her Indian Visa! However we are still real good friends as think she understands that I had to help my 2 Indian friends at that time more than hang and travel with her!

Yeah went to India for some Spiritual Enlightenment but found some other kind of Enlightenment! Plus met some awesome nice Indian people who I got to really love and care for! So hopefully one day I can return and visit them again! Been to India a couple times before but wanted to see some new places. But didn’t actually see as much of India as had hoped to but got another more awesome experience instead! I usually meet and get to know locals in every country I visit as enjoy meeting the basic normal even poorer people as they are the types of people I truly enjoy meeting! But if someone would have said before I went to India on this trip that I would become such good friends with poor Hindu people that I loved like them well I wouldn’t have believed them. But shit regardless I wouldn’ t have changed anything for that experience! I will never forget them as truly love and care about them!!

However the next time I go to India well I’ll research the weather and time of year! Cuz want to see places that I’ve missed in my previous 3 trips there!

You can see some pictures I took and some verbal shit I wrote on my Facebook wall even tho I actually dislike using it! But it's easier to post pictures on FB than on my blog!

Crazy trip to India & didn't like Goa but never made it away!

What a traveler does when kinda F*ckin’ stuck in Goa b4 Monsoons! 


Friday, March 2, 2012

What the hell is that but an Aquarium in Dubai!!!


There's a bunch of my postings that I haven't finished or added my thoughts or experiences to as yet! But hey it's only been 3 or 4 months so will get around to it soon insha'allah! So if u want to read wtf went on well check back again in another 3 or 4 months time!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Was searching for some interesting rewarding thing to do with my life (Not just making money at a job) which led to a couple of things that hope to do in 2012 !!!

Cuz It’s so F*ckin Awesome to be Alive!

Just thankful have Health, Happiness, loving Family & Friends plus the Ability to Travel! So love to give back something by helping people who aren’t as fortunate or need a helping hand! Yeah so don’t work that much as don’t need a lot of Money as shit either Spend it foolishly, Piss it Away. Give it Away or Lose it! Which is why only Work a bit & Volunteer!

Just returned from a trip in Jan 2012 & for the first time was at loose ends with what to do! Didn’t feel like fit in society anymore (which of course I don't)! So wasn’t sure & still not sure what want to do with my life (cuz will probably never grow up LOL) as don’t want to work just for materialistic gains! Hell meet too many peep who only care about themselves, trying to impress others with money & appearance who are flaky as hell! Enjoy meeting others who also love Experiences, Adventure, Giving to Others & Living Life to the Max! 

Wow then a couple things happened which got me thinking about what I’ve been & enjoy doing!!

Read a book “The Razor’s Edge"   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Razor%27s_Edge The book inspired & got me thinking about the Reason/Meaning of our Lives! So like the guy in the book may head to India (as kinda like the place) for a little Spiritual Enlightenment to better understand life! Hell already think like the guy in the book except didn’t go thru a war but can understand a bit as my son just returned from Afghanistan a bit messed up! 

Came across a guy who survived Cancer who is trying to fund raise for Cancer Research & Awareness by cycling across the US in the fall 2012! http://www.thirty4three.com/index.html  & on FB https://www.facebook.com/Thirty4Three . He was looking for someone to drive a RV support vehicle for him as he's gotten an Aussie chick to help cook the meals! So offered my services as this sounded like an awesome volunteering gig!

So may head to India this spring 2012 to check out an Ashram  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashram  even if not big into yoga or mediation! Also not big into religion but been reading this about Buddhism  http://www.buddhanet.net/e-learning/5minbud.htm Then after may head to Russia to do the Trans Siberian Railway when it warms up a bit. Had hoped to try & do the Trans Siberian Railway in the fall as a couple of former traveler friends are planning to do it at that time.

Wanna return to Vancouver for the summer & do Burning Man (in Nevada) at the end of Aug. Then  could hang around that area & meet up with Rudy & Samantha in California after Burning Man to start our trip across the US! Once we get to the end of our journey in Florida may hitch, ride share or bus & couch surf my way north along the eastern seaboard back to Canada! But since winter would be starting well may decide to head to a Caribbean island to spend a few months in warm weather!

In the meantime will work & volunteer part time! A buddy has asked me to help him do some work with him! Also already have a commitment to volunteer at a Salsa Festival in a couple weeks. But hell who knows as don’t make many detail plans as things change & shit happens! However I do honor commitments so will definitely be there to help Rudy in his goal of cycling across the US!

My view on life I wrote in my CS Profile that gave up the real world to travel! A chick met traveling posted a FB link to this article written by a guy who also met traveling!
http://matadornetwork.com/notebook/how-to-quit-your-job-and-travel-the-world/ Read this article to hopefully put to rest any apprehensions u may have (when things aren't going so good) about u'r decision to say screw everything to go traveling! Bcuz u'r one of the maybe 10% who had the balls to go for it!!!

Life is what u make of it so shit not going to just sit around thinking about it!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Checked out Dubai, United Arab Emirates!! Jan 2012

Here's some FB pictures of "Checked out Dubai, United Arab Emirates "


There's a bunch of my postings that I haven't finished or added my thoughts or experiences to as yet! But hey it's only been 3 or 4 months so will get around to it soon insha'allah! So if u want to read wtf went on well check back again in another 3 or 4 months time!

Yeah Dubai is just another Las Vegas but hey it's good to see once which is enough! Saw my friend Mateja from Croatia who is working as a flight attendent for Emirates Airlines in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world, the goofy indoor ski hill in the world's largest shopping mall, the Palm which is a man made island shaped like a palm tree and got to see the old school souk (Arabic market)! Yeah Dubai is a bit plastic but worth seeing cuz of all the hype it gets!

So awesome to meet up with a Croatian friend who’s working as a Flight Attendant with Emirates Airlines here in Dubai! We met when she was working at a Hostel I stayed at in Zagreb a couple years ago! I really cherish the many friends like her I meet traveling ! It’s one of the reasons I love Traveling as it sure the f*ck isn't the shitty tourist attractions like statues, museums & churches! But all the cool interesting people a person meets traveling so it’s kind of sad to say goodbye when we part to go our separate ways! What was cool was we met & had a drink at the base of Burj Khalifa, the Tallest building in the World! Then went to check out the goofy indoor ski hill in Dubai! But wtf people come to Canada to ski/snowboard and go to hot places to surf, etc so it all works out!!! Basically Dubai is just a shopping Mecca not much else ! It’s just another Las Vegas so visiting once is enough !!! 

Wow I saw both Mateja and Kara in the past year! Met them both in Zagreb when I stayed at the hostel Mateja was working! Kara came to "Vancouver last summer and then I visited Mateja in Dubai! Mateja told me that when her probation period is over then she can apply for an US visa! Then she can work flights going to Eastern US! So it would be awesome if she flew to DC and u could visit her! As I said there's nothing better than meeting up with nice people (like u 2 sweethearts) that u meet previously in your travels! I'd go out of my way to meet people like the 2 of them even for 1 hr! So happy for Mateja and about her career with Emirates Airline!!!

In Abu Dhabi to enjoy the Desert, Mountains & finally the Beach! Jan 2012

Here's some pictures of  "In Abu Dhabi to enjoy the Desert, Mountains & finally the Beach"

In Abu Dhabi to enjoy the Desert, Mountains & finally the Beach to camp in Sultanate of Oman as had to cross the border as like the beach!!!

Yeah it was awesome to head to the mountains, desert and beach to check out Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other Emirates of the United Arab Emirates! But shit somehow we ended up in the Sultanate of Oman to camp on the beach! Was a bit concerned if I went into Oman that wouldn;’t be able to re-enter UAE as didn’t have a multi entry visa for Abu Dhabi / UAE! But after using our most diplomatic Assalamu alaikums and Aleykum selams we made it back into UAE!!!

We found an awesome sight to camp on the beach that it was worth it to go into the Sultanate of Oman to camp!! Probably the only downside were the young Omani’s raising up and down the sand dunes in their 4 wheel drives! They have nothing else to do with their time and they have lots of money to buy the toys!! Too bad they can’t hang out or talk to chicks their aga like guys in the rest of the world!!

On the way back we stopped at a resort for a nice meal! Noticed that there are a lot of Russian tourists at the resort ! Plus was told there are a lot of Russians in UAE (Abu Dhabi & Dubai)!! Dam lately have been running into a few Russians and shit thought I was thru with Russians after meeting up with my crazy Russian friend Olga in Ethiopia! But have to say if all Russians are sweet and nice as Olga I’ll love meeting them!!
Anyway had a good time in the desert, mountains and beach camping!!!

Abu Dhabi a more liveable realistic city than Dubai! Jan 2012

Here's some pictures of "Abu Dhabi a more liveable realistic city than Dubai!"

Some of my new friends in Ethiopia!!! Lol Dec 2011 & Jan 2012

Here's some pictures of "Some of my new friends in Ethiopia!!! Lol |"