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Where in the World is Tom?

Created this blog to document my travels, experiences & thoughts thru Central & South America but hell plan to blog my travels to where ever. Goofy harmless Free Spirit hoping to spend most of my time with locals & enjoy the world! So hang on as I travel, drink cervezas, raise a little hell, maybe piss off a few people & hopefully not give Canadians a bad reputation! Of course don't do these things on purpose but while having a good time well "Shit Happens"!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

So I invited my friend P to visit Canada and couch surf at my home the summer of 2014! Enjoy hosting and showing people Vancouver & Canada and camping in unique places around BC! So thoroughly enjoyed hosting P & being her guide which is something will never forget! So think now what? As wonder what are my plans? Well finally decided to head back to South Africa again bcuz of an offer of free accomm & an awesomely cheap flight!! Oct - Nov 2014

Hell guess been lucky in my Life as have been able to travel a lot bcuz of my jobs (both working overseas & back in Canada) cuz when married guess we saved & luckily invested successfully! So when my marriage kinda ended have tried to live my dream as figure Life is 2 short 2 be hung up on material shit or save for a rainy day (shit isn't that this time of year right now in Van? lol)!
So thought I'd like to go to Okinawa as it's kinda tropical and part of my ancestorial homeland of Japan! However I'm too far removed from my Japanese roots to consider myself Japanese! But have always thought the Japanese peep in Japan were so kind, polite and honest so cudn't help but respect and admire how such a small sized country cud have over 100 million peep and be so respectful of each other's privacy! 

I'm proud of my heritage and roots tho I may not quite understand or follow their culture I nevertheless feel tied to this culture in some way! 


Heck today Nov 11 is Remembrance Day in Canada! 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remembrance_Day A day when peep get the opportunity to show respect to the men and women who scarificed a lot for their country starting in WWI, WWII, Korean, Vietnam, Afghanistan and future wars that Canada is involved!! There are what we call Cenotaphs in all cities and towns throughout Canada! http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/cenotaphs-monuments-to-our-veterans-1.972283 Where people go to show their respect to our veteran and current Arm Forces people! One of those is in Stanley Park in Vancouver which was erected in dedication to the number of Canadian Japanese people who served in the Canadian Arm Forces! 
http://najc.ca/support-the-japanese-canadian-war-memorial/ I feel honored that my father has his name inscribed on the monument/cenotaph there! Also my son is currently serving in the Canadian Armed Forces so every year I attend the Remembrance Day Ceremony there to pay my respect to both father and my son!! I have read portions of the Japanese Canadian newspaper (The Bulletin) tho not on a regular basis to realize how proud and important we are of their and others service means to all Canadians of Japanese ancestory!   http://jccabulletin-geppo.ca/
Attending that Remembrance Day Ceremony is probably the few times I feel very deep feelings, closeness & ties to my Japanese heritage! 

Even with out attending the Ceremony I have often had a deep desire to visit Japan again to maybe try and understand this culture and perhaps learn a little Japanese (been there twice but just to the islands of Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku but wud like to also visit the islands of Hokkaido & Okinawa 2 even tho the 2 islands are on the opposite ends of Japan and have far differing weather!)! So dam thought that maybe Okinawa wud be a better warmer place to visit!!

However after doing some more research I started to realize that in our winter it was more or less typhoon season in Nov to Jan in Okinawa when I wud like to visit there!


Hell one year I had been in Goa, India about April and also planned to stay for May and June too! However the monsoons came starting in April so cudn't do much which kinda sucked!! So decided wtf don't want to go to a place to experience a monsoon/typhoon season again as fuk all to do when it rains during the day! So thought do I want to go thru that type of rain again and cud my bank account afford expensive costs? 

So decided to go back to South Africa again! Cuz got an invitation from my friend P to visit and stay gratis at her Mom & her home! They have a room in the back of their house in the rural country close to the beach (are off the grid and proud of it!!)! P invited me to repay me for hosting, taking her camping and showing her the beauty of Canada! Also she has a pickup/bakkie so said wud take me camping (like did for her as she loves camping and nature) 2 parts of S.A. that I had missed b4! Also if we have time maybe can go to neighboring countries like Namibia, etc.! 
Guess kinda turned P into sort of a Free Spirit like myself plus is 420 friendly! P told me that this summer (Nov - Mar cuz S. Hemisphere) she's NOT going to do her business! But going to try to find a teaching job again as was a high school teacher for 7 years in Jo'burg (but disliked the city) or maybe return to a job as a Technical Writer (worked at it b4) cuz she's an English Grad and now taking online Honors Psychology! Tho doesn't educate herself for a good paying job or status but to learn as doesn't really give a shit about money or status like moi!! So if she returns to teaching the new term starts in Jan! The rest of my stay in S.A. I'd prob travel around on my own as know some local peep plus others around! Cuz thought heck why not take the offer rather than work part time in the rain!!!

Think P realizes that I love traveling & enjoy Life as not my style to hit on chicks as enjoy hanging out plus don't try to change our friendship, but who knows as it might!! Although hell I like the way my Life is now without looking to change it!!

P thinks of herself as a patriotic S. African and wants to be part of the solution to improve things NOT Bail on her country! She definitely wants to work to improve the way of life for peep like herself as NOT INTO MONEY similar to me! So we kinda think alike in those ways as I try to assist P to improve what ever I can in any small ways!

Just don't want peep to think my visit to South Africa is to look, found true love or want a wife!! Cuz heck bin dar dun dat so don't want it again plus still truly care for my x wife as feel if did that  wud be a slap in her face which is not my style! But who knows what the future holds?? Tho know wud never marry again!!!!

But what really sealed the deal to make the trip economical for me was finding a $1350 flight return ticket from Vancouver Canada to Johannesburg S.A. and the offer of free accommodation which made it affordable!! Bcuz feel can prob live cheaper in S.A. for 3 months than can in Vancouver even while still paying rent 4 the apt have in Canada due to the fact that Canadians get a very favorable exchange rate! Which makes living in S.A. fairly cheap, along with getting free accommodation, going camping a lot of the time plus cooking our meals! Plus was able to save $1300 towards a flight in the past 3 months so yeah why not go? 

Dam getting P a Visa to Canada was a painful task taking both patience and perservance! But finally got it on her second Visa application in 2014! Which was such great news and then to have P visit Canada was so awesome as was able to have her surf at my place and show her the beauty of Vancouver, BC and Canadian sites!! Mar-Sept 2014

Didn't realize that it wud be so much work and difficult taking lot of perservance, patience & loads of time for P to get her Visitor Visa to Canada! 

Not sure about P but had thought that her Visa application wud be a routine kick thru the goal post! 

P started to apply for her Visa around March and found out in early April that her Visa application was rejected! She and also myself were devestatated by the news! Cuz by this time I was getting very excited about having her visit Canada so got kinda involved in insuring that P Visa's application was successful so she cud visit Canada! But luckily P had a sweet dedicated persistent person working for Flight Center (I'll call her C) who was handling P's Visa Application! So C contacted P a week or 2 later and suggested P try again! Bcuz C thought that P's Visa appl was prob rejected cuz P was self employed and Canadian Immigration were prob concerned that P wud have no valid reason to return to SA once she entered Canada! It was a bunch of BS as think they were prob generalizing about most African peep but feel SA is unlike most African countries! Hell it's more like Europe but with an African flavor and sure it has a corresponding amount of poverty 2 among many black and colors due to many generations of Apartheid! Anyway C suggested that on her second application that P shud maybe include a couple reference letters from business associates who need/required her to return to her business! Plus also maybe attach a letter from her Mother who's a widow and that she depended on P for her welfare and support to live, etc.! P's Mother is firmly rooted in Wilderness and the nearby city of George! Where she has a close white rich woman friend running a successful international business who P's Mom has there to support her friend when she was going thru a rough divorce! So P's Mom prob depends on her friend more than P even tho P and her Mom are close and live together! However P's Mom stays in George as it's kind of a job as she spends most of week at her friend's home helping, support & keeping her friend company! So anyway P followed C's suggestions and applied the second time and we kept our fingers crossed!

Hell may be imagining things as have no proof however felt that thru all the hassles and dealings that the Canadian Immigration were being very difficult with P' application! Cuz got to realize that Canadian Immigration always seem to think that all peep from South Africa (maybe Africans in general) want to visit Canada with the intentions of staying! Also they possibly they had a quick look, saw someone of Indian descent and thought oh another Indian person from some 3rd world country (not sure if SA is 3rd world country or not) who's looking for a 1st world country (is Canada one??) to visit and stay! I can't proof any of this but just got a gut feeling that cud be a reason however wudn't want to tell P! Bcuz wudn't want P to believe that Canadians cud be so racist although wudn't try to hide that fact but just don't mention it! But shit Canada has its share of Red Necks lol! Plus it's hard believe that they wud discriminate toward someone who's non white these days but hell it's happened in the past! Although peep were different back then like when Japanese Canadian citizens were put in Internment camps during WWII! But living in Canada well realize that Canada has been having many non white immigrants (some even visit Vancouver illegally and try to stay!). So quite often they make a snap judgement based on appearance while Not knowing a person's background! So if they see a person of Indian descent or a person that's brown they immediately think the person is poor, illiterate and wants to just get their foot in the door to Canada to stay!!! Hell I love Canada and wud never want to live permanently in any other country! Bcuz when I travel abroad I see many injustices, impoverished things! So am glad that I have the safety net of my Canadian passport!! But fuk have to say also see a lot of smug Canadians who think that all peep from poorer countries want to stay in Canada!!! They sort of say yeah we're open minded and don't discriminate so think OK if peep immigrate here but "Not in my Back Yard" lol
Hell not saying S. Africa is that terrible as yes they have lot of negative things (but so does Canada!) but there are also many people who don't turn their back on these issues! Cuz a lot of S. African people don't want to bail on their birth country but are willing to work to improve the lot of South African people!!! Which is what P says she want to do as she wants to be part of the solution to change things if possible! 
Anyway she got her Visa Application and the necessary paper work together and made her second application, prayed and kept her fingers crossed!! 

Then she waited patiently for a month or so and luckily this time P was successful in her second Visa application! Apparently it was for a maximum of a 6 month stay in Canada starting I think around June 1 and expiring about Nov 30!! But had changed her flight to Canada to arrive on Jun 17 and her return flight back to SA was Sept 15, 2014! 

Wow awesome that her 2nd Visa application was successful so started to get excited for P's visit to Canada! Plus I had made a few plans for her visit as luckily the summer months were the best time to visit Canada!!  

P arrived in Vancouver on June 17 and so started her great Canadian adventure!!! She really loves Nature so cudn't wait to see the natural Canadian beauty!! So prob on the second day that P was in Canada I took her to see Harrison Hot Springs however she was more excited to go camping! I have an older '94 Ford Ranger pickup / bakkie which has a canopy covering the back plus have a couple of tents and pretty well all the camping stuff! But we had to stick around the city for a couple weeks bcuz had a couple of eye doctor specialist appointments that needed to attend! 

Most of the camping we did in BC was open camping (sites we found that didn't have to pay so felt it was better as more private!
https://www.google.ca/search?q=map+of+bc&espv=2&biw=1218&bih=659&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=lEhhVL36DYayyQTSoIDgCw&ved=0CCcQsAQ&dpr=1.5  However we usually just looked around in areas as didn't look on line to find them however there are quite a few around British Columbia! 
http://freecampsites.net/#!British Columbia&query=region ) 
On our first camping trip I took P camping north of Vancouver for 4 days to Squamish a cool fun outdoor town sandwiched between the ocean and mtns! 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squamish,_British_Columbia We went north past Squamish to the sign pointing to Paradise Valley Road and followed that until the road became gravel! Then followed the gravel road a few km with the river on our left! We checked a few turn offs by the river and found a cool spot right by the river which was nice and isolated!! So we camped and chilled there for a night as thought it was such an awesome camp spot! Know I'll return to camp there again as have camped on the other side of the river a couple of years ago but can't recall where it was but this campsite I won't forget!!

Then we headed north past Whistler & Pemberton up to Lillooet as turn at Lillooet Lake to drive about 48 km on a gravel road to the Skookumchuck Hot Springs and campsite as had been there before!  
The drive, lake and hot springs were awesome as P really loved the beautiful nature and camping!! So we thoroughly enjoyed camping there as built a fire, cook some food, ate and then went for a dip in the hot springs there! 

The next day it was getting late so we were forced to camp at a paid campsite which was probably the worse campsite we stayed at over the 2 weeks we camped around BC during P's stay for 3 months! The reason the campground sucked was bcuz we were located between 2 train tracks and there were trains arriving and leaving on both tracks through the night!

The next night we drove thru the north part of the Okanagan! Then we took a forestry road up the mtn/hills on the west side of Vernon! We followed the gravel road for about 25 km to Bear Creek.
http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/parkpgs/bear_crk/  It was a nice isolated spot however there were others there too! In the morning we decided to take the gravel road in the opposite direction than where we had come bcuz I thought we'd come across the highway! However we ended driving west down the road for about 1 or 2 hours and were getting a bit worried as we hadn't come across a highway! Then finally saw the highway as were excited but unfortunately shit we the road we were on took us under the highway! It sucked to see a highway and then realize we were driving under and pass it! However luckily we had to only drive maybe 5 kms further on and the gravel road took us up to the highway! So then we returned from our 4 day camping trip! 

I didn't take P camping again right away for a couple reasons! My son in the military was in town to hang out at a couple music festivals so offered him my truck to camp as he flew to Vancouver from Eastern Canada!! There were also a number of things going on in Vancouver that wanted to share with P as it was close to Canada Day (the day Canada became a country! However I always tend to think of July 1 as Cannabis Day instead!
https://www.google.ca/search?q=cannabis+day+vancouver&espv=2&biw=1218&bih=659&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=OEZmVOuJOM_0igLHxoHQCQ&ved=0CCoQsAQ That's one of 2 days that lot of peep hang out at the Art Gallery in downtown Vancouver! So they end up spilling onto the street as the cops have to direct traffic as peep are smoking weed / 420! But what it's starting to be a bit of a turn off is it's becoming a bit of commercialism as there are so many booth and kisoks pedding weed and corresponding apparatus to smoke it! lol 
The other weed smoking day in Vancouver and other cities is 420 the Smoke off day!
https://www.google.ca/search?q=420+in+vancouver&espv=2&biw=1218&bih=659&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=Z_VmVNWuOpSwogTFtoGgAQ&ved=0CC0QsAQ  so each year on April 20 at 4:20 pm tons of peep gather to smoke also at the downtown Art Gallery!

Also took P for a bike ride by the sea wall http://vanseawall.ca/ by Kitsalano beach to Granville Island a sort of touristy hang out but not quite sure why?? https://www.google.ca/search?q=granville+island+vancouver&espv=2&biw=1218&bih=659&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=9fZmVJOmJMPxoAT50ICgAg&ved=0CFIQsAQ Then another day I took P to a place/beach I wud prefer to hang out at a lot in the summer in Vancouver / Vansterdam! Its called Wreck Beach a clothing optional beach tho I don't strip to the buff but like the vibes and atmosphere! 
It can be very crowded in the summer as peep chill, smoke and drink beer even tho it is illegal to drink or smoke (anything from cigs to weed or whatever) there! There are a lot of peep selling beer, various drinks, weed and magic sh'rooms there as everyone is chill even if the cops walk around periodically however they're also chill as just do it cuz its their job as sure they'd rather not fine anyone hell they wud prob rather be chilling there!!


On another camping trip we took a ferry to Vancouver Island for a short camping trip even tho the weather kinda sucked! 


Wanted to show and camp at Tofino as it pretty much is the surf capital of Canada as there aren't many places that surf! http://www.hellobc.com/tofino.aspx
However we camped at Ucluelet another small village on the other end of Long Beach from Tofino! Then spent a while walking around exploring Long Beach, Tofino and Ucluelet!

Then on the way back we stopped and camped at Chemainus and checked out the town with it's awesome murals! http://www.visitchemainus.ca/We also stopped and visited Bucharet Gardens as P enjoyed flowers which is pretty much all that is there! If I wasn't taking P around to show her sites on Vancouver Island I wudn't have gone in as found it cost $30 per person far to expensive to walk around a big flower garden!!! lol

Then the 3rd camping trip we took was to the Rocky Mtns, Jasper National Park 
http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng/pn-np/ab/jasper/activ/explore-interets/glacier-athabasca.aspx as wanted to show P the Columbia Icefields as she had never seen snow in person b4! Lol
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Columbia_Icefield   A bad thing that happened was P got a bad abcess and was in terrible pain however we were too far from anywhere to get her help! So we kept 
driving on to Banff National Park! 
http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng/pn-np/ab/banff/index.aspx however P was in so much pain at the time so we just bypassed the Park plus didn't stop in at the Radium Hot Springs! 
https://www.google.ca/search?q=radium+hot+springs+bc&espv=2&biw=1218&bih=659&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=1L9hVOXSEcL0oASw-ILgDw&ved=0CE8QsAQ but stopped at Invermere Hospital to try and get some pain killers or help for P's abscess but wasn't any type of dentist!

But we drove thru an area which I consider maybe my favorite area in BC! I love the Kootenays in southeastern BC! 
We took a couple of free ferries across lakes and drove down what started out as a paved 2 lane road but slowly changed into a gravel road and eventually a 1 lane road! What was awesome as met a local guy who told/showed us this isolated free camp site right by this real little lake close to Trout Lake in the Kootenays where we camped undisturbed for 2 nights! http://www.ourbc.com/travel_bc/bc_cities/bc_rockies/trout_lake.htm This was probably of this camping trip!!! However when we were taking the Summerland to Princeton shortcut road we did manage to find a cool campsite on this road which was totally isolated by a river! http://www.trailsbc.ca/okanagan/summerland
This pretty much was the last camping trip we took in BC!! 

Bcuz after getting back to Vancouver I took P to spend a long day at the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) Vancouver's annual fair which kinda signals the end of summer! 
https://www.google.ca/search?q=quebec+city&espv=2&biw=1218&bih=659&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=GchhVPr8AuT1iQKIoID4BA&sqi=2&ved=0CFUQsAQ#tbm=isch&q=pne+in+vancouver  I don't go on rides as get motion sickness but P thoroughly enjoyed crazy rides and greasy junk food there!

Then we had to prepare to catch a flight to Ottawa as wanted to show P the eastern part of Canada so she cud experience some of our French culture and see our Nation's Capital City of Ottawa!! 
We flew to Ottawa the capital city of Canada as wanted to visit my son who is based at a military base near there! 

I had arranged to visit and stay at my son's place outside of Ottawa but in that city I booked a hostel! We stayed in this cool  hostel in the center of the city of Ottawa so were able to chill and see a few places in the capital of Canada!

Also went to the South African Embassy to pay my fine of $150 for overstaying my Visa by a month when left there earlier in 2014! Cuz thought shit otherwise may not be able to re-enter SA as thought hell I owed the money plus I don't like burning my bridges even if never went back to SA! 

Then after that my son picked us up and took us to his place to stay for the weekend! One thing that was cool was the 3 of us got a chance to go kayaking!

We then took a bus from Ottawa to Montreal the second largest city in Canada as I had a friend who lived there! 

https://www.google.ca/search?q=montreal+quebec&espv=2&biw=1218&bih=659&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=T8ZhVKPfMqnqiQKd44CoAQ&sqi=2&ved=0CGMQsAQ  However we arrived in Montreal on a Monday so my friend was working during the day! So we decided to go to Quebec City first as was a must see city in Canada if possible!! 
It is a very French city which is very old by Canadian standards! We stayed at a nice little hostel where we met some other cool travelers! So we hung out, chilled and did a lot of walking around Old Quebec and other parts of the city! 

Then we returned to Montreal in time for the long weekend in Canada and US (Labor Day long weekend the end of the summer)! What sucked in Montreal was my friend couldn't host us as his roommate/flatmate's mother came to visit from France for 2 weeks! So unfortunately she had first priority so we had to book into a hostel which wud have been OK except for the fact that the guy running the hostel was a Scam artist however I won't go into the detail at this time!

So after that frustrating rip off experience in Montreal we headed to Toronto! Which is the largest city of Canada and according to Torontoians the Center of the Universe!!! 

We then went to Niagara Falls with the world famous falls which also had turned the touristy part of the city into another Las Vegas complete with bright lights, glidder and gambling casinos!

I totally disliked the city almost as much as Las Vega as thought it was probably the worse place in Canada however the Falls are world class! Bu P enjoyed it and that's all that mattered as we were traveling so P cud see and experience Canada! 

So we returned to Toronto to experience as was prob the best part of the trip to Eastern Canada! As we were able to visit and stay at my sister's home and enjoy her awesome hospitality! We also had the opportunity to visit and stay at her good friend's home north of Toronto who was also equally hospitable and kind! Feel P thoroughly enjoyed our visit in Toronto as sure she felt right at home as they seem to have a lot in common!! 

So we reluctantly said goodbye to my sister and caught our flight back to Vancouver after I think a trip that P totally enjoyed! 

After returning to Vancouver we had about 5 days to chill out and then P had to say goodbye to Vancouver, BC and Canada! She caught her flight back to South Africa on Sept 15 as it was so sad to say goodbye as we had such an awesome time having her visit and 2 show her the nice cool places here in Canada!

P took a bunch of pics as was always taking them but I've never did unless she asked me to take her pic! lol So if or when I find them I'll try and post them lol!

Bcuz I'm not not quite sure if P will ever get another opportunity to visit Canada again so I'm so glad I got to show her a bit of Canada LOL. So I'm sure that P must have felt some sadness to leave as know I was very sad and melancholy about her visit as enjoyed being her tourist guide as will never visit such an awesome visit to show someone so enthusastic to see nature and wonders of Canada b4!!! Thanks P for being such a gracious & easy going guest to have visit, stay, take camping to basically chill in the nature of BC and then visit the other parts of Canada!!

Also thought of an alternative idea/plan as thought of maybe spending about a week going to Namibia, back to Jo'burg then continue on my original plan to go to Madagascar, Reunion & Mauritius! However in reality finally decided that the mosquitos and their bad itch (that always get from them) may return again so bailed on going to Madagascar! Jan 2014

I dislike traveling on a schedule but before returning to Wilderness from Capetown just b4 NYE! I had given serious thought to an alternative plan so cud maybe see Namibia as really want to visit that country!!
However it wud mean having to plan a tight schedule as it wud be tied to plane schedules! 

But wtf had thought about going to Namibia so about Jan 2 or 3 thought of catching a 2 day Intercape bus from Capetown to Namibia! I thought of a bus cuz it was cheaper so cud see some of the country side along the way! Plus a plane ticket wud cost me about $500 and wudn't see much of the area between!!! Hell it wud still be kinda vacation time for SA in Jan! Then cud spend about 4 days I'd  check out Namibia even if its not much time (wud be like Japanese tourists lol)! But wtf thats all the time wud have as spent more quality time with my daughter and her husband in Abu Dhabi as wudn't have missed that for the world! But thought cud spend at least 4 days in Namibia and maybe cud come back one day to see Namibia, Angola and west coast of SA which isn't very inhabited (which wud love) one day insha'allah! After that cud take another bus back to S.A. to Jo'burg to get there a cuple days b4 Jan 12! Bcuz had a ticket to fly to Madagascar on Jan 12!

Then wud spend Jan 13 - 22 checking out Madagascar! 
http://www.lonelyplanet.com/madagascar But I was concerned with the hurricanes & dam mosquitos and the itches I get that almost drive me crazy! When the poor peep idiot banditos weren't bothering me as shit realize that going during huricane and rainy season LOL On Jan 23 had my ticket to fly from Madagascar to Mauritius as have to spend night in expen$$$$ive Mauritius Jan 23 7:45 pm till Jan 24 10:30 am so planned to sleep at airport as heard Mauritius was expen$ive but beautiful and touristy! Then wud fly from Mauritius to Reunion on Jan 24 to spend Jan 24 to Feb 3 in Reunion! As hopefully wud spend with the nice kind friendly chick that met in Swaziland insha'allah who said wud host me then I cud learn about the beautiful Island & some local people! But may not get as much out of the place as cud if cud speak French and my French sucked!! But wtf go to a lot of countries where don't speak the language but get by like Canada lol!!!

My flight wud leave Reunion Jan 24 via Mauritius to Madagascar
https://www.google.ca/search?q=mauritius&espv=2&biw=1218&bih=659&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=PUxgVLLEH6TpiAKP-oCgDg&sqi=2&ved=0CDQQsAQto  but thx fuk didnt have to spend night in Mauritius but wud get to spend more time in the hurricane, mosquito, poor & bandito infested Madagascar LOL Cuz from Jan 24 to Feb 19 wud spend in Madagscar lol! Then on Feb 19 wud return to Johannesburg to dodge more banditos & crime if go into the downtown part of the city but stay out by airport with free shuttle to the airport lol!

I then wud be back in Jo'burg in time to catch my flight back to Canada on Feb 21 give or take a day or 2 to dodge the fuking rain in Vancouver lol!!!

Back to Wilderness in time for New Years & to chill until time to head back to Vancouver in Feb! Dec 2013 to Feb 2014

So got back to Capetown just b4 NYE (which will be crazy for NYE) as it's crazy enuf the rest of the year too LOL. But since not a big NYE's partier well got out of town to the beach to chill (also wouldn't be able to find a cheap dorm room at the Guesthouse was staying! Could have looked elsewhere but shit got to know a few of the peep working at the Penthouse Guesthouse where was staying plus an American & Aussie who live there and love to party!) 

But man when I travel it's about learning about the geopolitics of the country and area I hang in (what better country to find out about it then S. Africa cuz was lucky enuf to be in SA when Madeba/Nelson Mandela passed away! Was very touching as felt blessed to be here to experience that sad event!!) as like to meet the local peep and also cool interesting travelers but unfortunately most of them want to be FB friends! But shit then they post and I can't read wtf they write so end up unfollowing their shit! Cuz hell it seems bout 82.99% post in a language other than English and I'm just an arrogant, ignorant English only speaking idiot! Sorry guys but useless when it comes to languages or even trying to learn them as guess not truly interested! lol Hell I maybe Canadian of Japanese ancestory but can't or even tried to learn that language as would rather learn Spanish or French (fuking wished knew it at least for the next 1 1/2 months as going to Madagascar & Reunion Island! which are both French speaking but sure will have an awesome time anyway insha'allah!)!!! Hell wud even be cool to know German here in South Africa cuz seems 90% of travelers are German!  
So was going to leave Capetown in the morning to go back to Wilderness the small beach village about 5 hrs north east of Capetown close to George in the Western Cape! Cuz like to hang out in remote out of the way places while traveling! Dam sorry got carried away on what I'm writing cuz while just chilling on the computer as one of the locals working at this guesthouse shared her Joint with me & sorry but got a buzz so then get to be a "Don't Shut the Fuk Up state" when a bit stoned LOL! So will stop here as can't remember even wtf wanted to say or write but must have been a reason! LOL But anyway heading back to Wilderness to have an awesome Happy NYE!! As will be careful and enjoy myself!!

Met up with P again in Wilderness and we had a enjoyable fun Braii on the beach with other locals for NYE and as usual enjoyed ourselves! 


So after returning to Wilderness I assisted P with her business again bcuz
 her sister had returned to Jo'burg as her kids and BF live there & where she also lived! Also had gotten to know a few local peep who worked in the village and also some who lived in a cave a short way from the beach. 
This guy, Clifford, originally started to live in the Cave! Then he took in a couple of guys and chicks to live in the Cave to help them as most were down on their luck. He supported himself by tourists who visited his Cave leave donations! So since P also knew the peep living there we wud go to the Cave to have a braai and hang out! We also wud hang out together as P loved to swim while I wasn't that excited to go in the water! 

There were a lot of fisherman & paragliders who came by the caravan/trailer to buy some food! P's place was the only place to get something to eat unless U wanted to go into the village of Wilderness which was about 1 km away from the beach! Mind U there was a beach all along the way from P's trailer business to the village of Wilderness however there were also a lot of rich white houses (with high fences patrolled 24/7 by Security companies) so there's no way you want to try to get to the beach along that stretch so most peep go to the beach by the park where P's business was located! 

P really loves South Africa even if was old enuf to have lived thru Apartheid as a child in school! Realize that tho S.A. has democracy but it still has issues like corruption so the rich get richer & poor are fuked as they remain poor! But hell it's not much  different in S.A. then every where as most peep only think of themselves. There's also a lot of unemployment but it's mostly blacks & colors in that category. Also there's a lot of uneducated people (mostly blacks and coloreds) around or at least lot who have lower education but very few have post secondary however that is changing! This uneducated peep has led to massive poverty as there's a big difference between the white popluation & others! It appears the whites, even in post Apartheid era, still are the still the more successful, rich! The older ones are still the riches and also the biggest jerks as think a lot had become that way during Apartheid! There is a lot of crime especially in the larger cities like Jo'burg, Capetown and a bit in Durban! So a person in those cities has to be street smart like in most major cities around the world!!

P also mentioned there is a lot of discrimination doing business (tho very few do it) towards non whites especially females like her! Her caravan/trailer is nice not scruffy and was located by the beach where many rich older whites (seems all the rich are white as never noticed rich black or colors however there are in places like Jo'burg and Capetown)! P had many issues from her rich white neighbors who continually wrote to the local gov't officials saying they think that she or someone was sleeping in the caravan/trailer which wasn't true! Also that the food she sold was rotten! Not sure if it was due to the fact that P was brown and a female or what but after seeing those letters back from local gov't officials it appear the case! Heck went with her to renew her driver's licence at the gov't offices and an official told her oh you're the woman who has a business on beach causing a few problems! Wow she thought how does he know and what problems except for letters sent in?? Also how wud a person working in driver's licencing dept know of business complaint?? What bothered her was no one ever came forward to talk to her but wrote the letters without knowing the actual truth! So found myself lending her support if she wanted to rant about the issues or do something as those issues were tiring and negative in her busy day!!!

In case U weren't aware know there are 4 races in S.A. - Black, White, Coloreds "they are mixed races who been in SA for 100's of years" & browns! There are also a small nbr of Chinese who mainly run shops & dont integrate with the general population like everywhere! Hell I never heard of any S.A. Japanese however they are difficult to distinguish from Chinese! But think that most SAfricans have never or know any like everywhere! So I may have stood out like a freak same as in all places lol!

P wants to be part of the solution to improve things not bail on her country cuz loves easy life which may exist in Canada! When she visited she found out she loved Canada with the beautiful nature and chill relaxing ways plus got to like the BC Bud but is NOT INTO MONEY like me! So we kinda think alike as try to assist her 2 improve sum things in small ways!

So in South Africa following New Years in late Jan and Feb the business on the beach kinda slowed down as people were finished with their vacations and kids head back to school! So P's business slowed down to the point that she didnt have to work long hours tho she did as bit of a workaholic! Tho I'm not as bad but when worked more in IT well got involved in my work and wudn't quit until got my tasks finished to my satisfaction!! 

Dam had made the mistake before I left Canada as I had also bought a ticket to fly to Madagascar! But hadn't given much thought to the weather in Madagacar! I kinda thought that hurricane season came to Madagascar in Jan - Feb and guess what that was when I was to go there! So I remembered the same mistake when I went to Goa, India a couple years ago as went there during their monsoon season! I returned home early on that trip which sucked! So I didn't want to experience that again as with the hurricane weather comes mosiquitos which I dislike as usually get bad itches! When was in Mali in northern Africa in 2010 I got a bad rash and itch so had to buy a flight as decided to go to Lebanon! I had that itch for a year so when I returned home I went to an allergy doctor, skin doctor, a tropical disease doctor and finally to a hypnotist (thought it was all in my head and well may be) to try and rid myself of this itch but to this day I still get very itchy when around mosiquitos! 

Heck I was suppose to Madagascar for a month plus Reunion Island and Mauritius! So spent a lot of time wrestling with what I should do about this trip as it cost a fair amount of money! But in the end I finally decided to not make the trip as my Adage while traveling is "If I'm enjoying myself somewhere, why fuk things up by trying to change things by going to do some thing else that possibly maybe more enjoyable!" Or as another saying goes "one in the hand is better than one night in the bush or doing it by hand is better than trying to find someone to do it with in the bush or something like that!!!" lol

I had been thinking ot maybe spending a week going to Namibia! Then back to Jo'burg to connect to my original plan of going to Madagascar, Reunion & Mautius! However in reality finally decided that the mosquitos and itch may return again so bailed on going to Madagascar! So ended up chilling in Wilderness as P required a lot of assistance as her sister had returned to Jo'burg! But guess the real thing I discarded the idea of going to Madagascar was worried about the hurricanes and mosquitos (not scared of hurricanes) as have a difficult time with mosquitos  that come with the rains as had been in a country which had a monsoon so didn't want to encounter it again! I tried to forget about the expression "It's Not the Things U Do in Life but the Things U Don't Do in Life that will haunt U!" Bcuz I tend to not look back but forward! lol

P was always saying that SA is beautiful (which it is) & also likes to travel 2 tho hadn't done much so told her come visit Vancouver in Canada 2 see raw natural beauty! Plus cud couch surf at my place as wud show her cool fun interesting places in Van, B.C. & also Eastern Canada! So P came in Jun of 2014 (but getting ahead of myself bcuz blogging right now about when was in South Africa from Nov 2013 - Feb 2014 while P didn't visit until Jun - Sept 2014!) for 3 months to have an awesome time plus fall in with the world famous BC Bud (not me haha)!                      
So took an overnight bus from Wilderness to Jo'burg to leave S.A. But wud kinda like to see some of the areas of  South Africa missed as got to like the country and it's unique geopolitics! Also got to love Wilderness the small chill beautiful beach village north east of Capetown! So looking forward to hosting and showing P around Vancouver and BC!! Bcuz enjoy showing peep the beautiful city of Vancouver and province of BC not to mention Canada!

Off to enjoy a cool relaxing Christmas in Abu Dhabi! A vacation in the middle of my Travels Dec 2013

So in between traveling around the southern part of Africa, hanging out with a new local of SA chilling well got an invite to visit and celebrate Christmas in Abu Dhabi! All had to do was find my way from Wilderness to Capetown to catch my flight!

Hell it was so awesome that got to experience a vacation in the middle of my travels/hanging out on my awesome Trip! Which got even more awesome as got an invite & to get a free ticket to fly from Capetown to spend Christmas in Abu Dhabi!! Fuk it seems the only difference between S. Africa and U.A.E. (country & Abu Dhabi the city where my daughter resides) is UAE is built on the backs of mostly Indian/Pakistani workers rather than Black S. Africans!!! Knew that Abu Dhabi & Dubai are oil rich cities (as been there b4) so money is King which is basically so fuking Foreign to my life style & way of thinking except for the fact that I did work in the Middle East b4 in Saudi Arabia and Oman lol! But thought wtf could use a free week's vacation from traveling!!! LOL So staying at a complex built around a 5 Star hotel with 3 or 4 upscale restaurants, club, supermarket, various shops, 2 outdoor & an indoor swimming pools plus it's on the beach!! So when the cleaning lady came one day decided to go for a walk to the beach! But shit couldn't find the way to the beach so asked the door man at the hotel! Hell the dude prob took a look at me & saw a crazy looking idiot with lot of tattoos & piercings so asked “Excuse but do U stay here?” Fuk dislike being treated like a Bum (just cuz look like one) tho realize the dude's only doing his fukin job! But thought wtf  this is like South Africa but with discrimination against Peep with little Money! So I figure fuk U Dude & told him politely “No I live in the Township down the road as just parked my garbage truck out front so could chill out at the beach for a couple hours!” Definitely NOT my kind of place but didn't cause any trouble cuz didn't want my sister to be tossed from the complex while at work as know the World is made up of all kinds of different social standards so why cause problems just cuz I don't fit in!!!!

So yesterday (left my garbage truck at home LOL) and took a city bus (like I do in all countries) downtown with all the Indian, Pakistani, Banglasdeshi & other poor foreign laborers (who prob earn $100 a month)! While all the pretentious white folks drove their fancy mercedes, bmw"s, ferarris, maseratis, SUVs & other expen$ive shit boxes they drive or they take a taxi (cuz heaven forbid they can't ride with the poor laborers!!)! It kinda gave me a different perspective on the city/country as got to see how the poor working class live not how the rich Europeans live here as ate with them (by hand) in the same poor eatery as them!!! Cuz let's face it 80% of the peep working here are poor foreign workers (treated or seen as invisible but who actually keep this country going) as shit I feel no better or worse than them!!!!!! So now seen how both sides live and get around like I do in all countries I travel but so what if can't speak to them as they know that at least some crazy idiot looking Westerners is NOT above sharing their World!!!!!

Hey not saying that didn't enjoy or appreciate my trip to Abu Dhabi in U.A.E. bcuz yeah did as also enjoyed chilling at my daughter& husband's place! They are so hospitable and tried to arrange things I might enjoy like went bike riding a couple times on the sea wall almost like Vancouver but with no mtns!!! (last time they took me camping in the desert or guess beach but it's sandy everywhere lol and also went kayaking!) So when been there have got to do some things that never done b4! UAE is a Muslim country and although unlike Saudi Arabia there are Christmas decorations and Christmas trees all over bcuz well UAE is very commercial!! However it's not a Holiday but peep have option whether or not to work! So most figure wtf as save this holiday to take later with maybe the person's actual vacation to go some where! So my daughter & her husband decided to work that day as I told them shit have no trouble entertaining myself alone! Anyway got to enjoy Christmas dinner in an unorthodox setting & food! My daughter works with peep from all over the world with diff cultures! She works with this Chinese American dude who had his kinda traditional Chinese parents & brother visit him for Christmas! So they were kind enuf to invite them and me for a Chinese Dinner (what else as doubt they wud invite us to an Italian rest. lol)?? in an upscale hotel restaurants!! That was really different plus the family were very gracious, nice and polite as peep were nice like most peep with Chinese heritage! So tried to be on my best behavior as hell just like to go wit da flow!
Cuz a free Christmas dinner is a free meal and hey I'm always up for a free meal (espec while traveling)!!! But it was so different than any Christmas dinner ever had as kinda used to Turkey tho a few Christmases didn't even celebrate like when was in Ethiopia a couple yrs ago! 
Cuz they celebrate Christmas on Jan 7 and was there on Dec 25 when my family celebrate Christmas (hey not religious as just look at it as a friendly family holiday)! Anyway that year didn't celebrate Christmas on Dec 25 and when Jan 7 came around I was out of that country so missed Christmas that year! But no biggie as celebrated following year!

So had a cool chill Christmas & got into some great Lebanese food (of all ethnic food love Indian and Lebanese/Mediterrean best!) https://www.google.ca/search?q=camel+racing+in+uae&espv=2&biw=1218&bih=659&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=afpfVLuGDIrvoAT_yYGICA&sqi=2&ved=0CCUQsAQ#tbm=isch&q=lebanese+restaurants+in+uae
Of course love Japanese but not stuff that food that most peep think is all they have as food like 55 diff types of sushi (duh sorry but most are Western inventions like chow mein is Chinese! but hey sushi is an appetizer not a fuking meal!!!), tempura, sashimi , etc. I love the traditional Japanese food which no one in my family cooks and can't get at Chinese/Korean restuarants passing them selves off as Japanese rest. http://dyske.com/paper/786 as lot are called Fusion rest so can get everything even hamburgers, pasta etc.)! But don't get me wrong as no authority but the food in those is not bad but fuk those places have no ambience and are kind noisy not serene which is why kinda like going to Japanese
If I have a craving I usually get pre-cooked Japanese sushi, tempura, munju, etc at a Japanese food store that bike to in Vancouver!

Guess I seldom go to a Japanese restaurant unless a special occasion or someone visiting!

Also love Middle East or Mediterranen food plus love smoking Shisha after or b4 eating lol along with some Turkish thrown in YUMMM! 

We also went out to the Western desert part of Abu Dhabi for a Camel Festival and saw a Camel Race! https://www.google.ca/search?q=camel+racing+in+uae&espv=2&biw=1218&bih=659&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=afpfVLuGDIrvoAT_yYGICA&sqi=2&ved=0CCUQsAQ Now that's a different sport as shit thought do we bet or what? But shit what's strange is the owners of the camels drive SUV's on another track next to the one the camels are running! So fuking crazy as shit it's hard to tell who's leading, winning or anything plus a lot of fuking dust lol! Shit a couple of Camel Jock's fell off their camels and the camels kept running LOL! Would post a video got but shit don't have it handy so will try to post it later insha'allah!! 

Was so awesome to visit, chill and enjoy the company of my daughter and husband! But after 10 days of enjoying Christmas in Abu Dhabi well went back to Capetown, South Africa!!

Off to Volunteer at the Voltex Music Festival only to hear that SA's beloved Madiba/Nelson Mandela had passed away! Wow what a historic time to be present in S.A. on that sad, memorable occasion for such a Great Man!! Dec 2013

Took a bus down to Capetown to do that Volunteering Gig at the Vortex Music Festival
Dec 5 - 9! So took the Baz Bus down to Capetown and stayed at the Penthouse Guesthouse on Long street the main street of Capetown 
http://www.penthouseonlong.com/  However found out the Vortex Festival was being held 2 hours outside of the city! I got a ride to the festival but shit when arrived well realized that didn't bring any money so decided to take the same ride back and return the next morning! But while was in Capetown we heard the sad that Nelson Mandela had passed away! So everyone in the Penthouse Guesthouse on Long Street where I was staying wanted to toast Nelson Mandela so everyone in the bar bought Shooters so unfortunately was up most of the night and missed my ride back to the Music Festival!!

Wow to be in South Africa on the day that Nelson Mandela/Madiba passed away was historic, memorable & so sad. 
My sister wrote me & sumarized it best "can't imagine what this is like - cuz he was such an incredible example of the power of the human spirit, a fantastic role model to us all on resiliency and reconciliation. I feel that the world has been diminished in some way by his passing."  So when word came down of his passing, a couple peep in the bar of my guest house bought shooter rounds to toast the spirit of a man who's awesome inspirational and spirit led to a new nation! Shit that was the start of a crazy night of drinking & socializing with various Africans of all colors! Fuk ended talking to this intelligent hot black African journalist chick as got her slant on SA till about 4 AM while being a bit shit faced! Boy found her so articulate & interesting that lost track of time!

So when I finally got my shit together to return to the Music Festival hell cudn't score another ride so hell was able to make it back to volunteer at the festival!!! http://www.capetownmagazine.com/vortex-trance-party
So unfortunately fuking ended up missing my ride back to my Volunteerng gig this AM at the Vortex Music Festival which left yesterday as forgot to take money!!! Shit it was so hard to score a ride in the first place so my chances of scoring another ride there are like "Slim" & "None"!! And fuk "Slim" just left to go back to Vortex!!!!

So in the meantime while hanging around trying to score a ride learned from talking to various peep some interesting things! A South African friend posted this which want to share with U who haven't been to SA and felt how the peep feel there!!

Things like “No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” ~ Nelson Mandela from Long Walk to Freedom, 1994
Met an African chick who posted an Black African's point of view of how Madiba (Nelson Mandela's African name) impacted her post Apartheid Life! So thought fuk also want to share this with my FB friends who havent been to South Africa so havent met the peep or felt the vibes & unity among the peep! Bcuz this person told me that true solidarity between the races will not happen until after the generation that lived during Apartheid have left the earth! Cuz most of those peep of both races still carry their old prejudices & have even passed on some of this to their kids! Fuk when I've talked to some of these black peep they call me "Boss" or "Sir" & fuk I tell them "hey Im not your Boss or your superior cuz we're equal"!! Shit thats how badly it was ingrained in them!! Man Ur talking to me a fuking Visible Minority (fuking dislike being refered to as an Asian or Japanese but rather a Visible Minority cuz was born in Canada of Japanese ancestory!!) Maybe thats why make friends so easily with black Africans & get along great with white Africans cuz below the surface we both dont give a fuk about much as just like to enjoy Life plus most S. Africans like to smoke weed & Im a fuking Stoner who just drifts around! the world!! Fuk the older white generation also have crazy fuking ideas ingrained in them! While in Durban asked a guy where the shared taxis (leaves when the mini van is full & mostly used by blacks) stand was aa wanted to go somewhere! Well fuk this older white African woman who was standing near having a smoke heard me & told me "You mustnt go in those vans as U could be stabbed!" WTF kind of shit was that cuz lady thats all I ride here!! Unfortunately in Capetown dont use shared taxis cuz peep are usually in more of a hurry which is personally one thing dislike about Capetown! Its a beautiful city but fuk its even less African then rest of S. Africa which is not really Africa but more like Europe!! Fuk love the real Africa more than the water down version which is kinda European! But enuf of this shit read the attachment as found it mind opening!!

I understand on Madiba's passing that the SABC channels were playing nothing but tributes to Madiba the entire day! I see all who are complaining about it, but I have must say I don't mind. I think not everyone (especially the Born Frees http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/07/world/africa/south-africas-born-frees-move-past-apartheid.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0) understand exactly who Madiba was and why he will remain a world icon. A S.African colored person told me in " Someone asked me last night how we benefitted from his release from prison - heres what I replied, its obviously my opinion, others might feel differently ....
How did it benefit us - let me see - I now have the right to vote, I can buy a property anywhere no one tell me where I can live and where not, my children can go to any school, I can study at any learning institution of my choice, I am the master of my own destiny and before being allowed the priviledge of voting, this was not possible. I am not politically affilliated - and that's ok - because its my choice. In this day and age to hear about a political leader who people thought of as a grandfather, no whispers of the word corruption around them - a man who made sacrifices not for his own benefit but for that of a nation. A man who inspired the world - so yes I admire this man greatly I don't even think his children can come close to the man he was. As far as the political unrest after his release, I am not in the inner circle of the politicians but I do realise that there's always a power play happening, all I know is that I know a great leader when I see one, I am hoping that his death serves as a reminder to the ANC of today of what the vision was for this country. For me Nelson Mandela was a man with his faults, however for me he epitomises the concept of forgiveness. I know I find it hard to forget those who have done me wrong, that he could let go of anger and bitterness for the greater good says much about the goodness that was Madiba. So yes - those are my reasons why he is a hero, an icon and a mere mortal ... With a good heart - and as far as I am concerned the world could do with a few more Madiba's - sadly they are few and far between"!                                                                 
Another S.African told me "Today I experienced both the high and low points of my life. The Madiba memorial at FNB was more than I could ever have imagined. Then on the walk back to the car near riverlea I saw a guy get stabbed really badly in the back. Street fight between two guys. It happened so quickly that passers by couldn't intervene quickly enough. And it was a proper coward move. The fight had already ended and he snuck up on the other guy. It's time to change things South Africa. Things cannot go on this way."


Anyways OK so I fuked up arrangements & had to spend 5 days in Capetown trying to score a ride back to volunteer at this music festival!! Shit waited around the entire day to find out if could get a ride & then fukin ended up couldn't get a ride! So while waiting around Capetown well ended up partying even if being in a city is not my scene while traveling plus well its too fukin much like Europe! Hell Capetown has lot of nice sights tho didn't see anything as shit couldn't even be bothered hiking up Table Mtn like all the other tourists! 

Hell funniest thing while in Capetown was meeting a Gay Congolese! Bcuz the term is a hoot especially if U met him as hell had never met someone from the Congo & then to top it off the dude is Gay! Meeting a Gay dude isn't that strange but when this guy got drunk he became a stereotype gay ( sorry not being homophobic)! But fuk feel sorry for the dude as he couldnt go back home cuz they jail Gays & hell he was harmless! Also met another gay South African at my Guesthouse cuz shit guess Capetown must be the Gay capital of S. Africa!! But if a person is open minded & not homophobic hell gay peep are fun to party with! 

But after 5 days of that shit needed to chill so headed back to the little village of Wilderness up the east coast to chill as met some cool locals to hang with especially a nice sweet South African of Indian descent!!!!! Hell I've learned that it doesn't matter the color of a person cuz nice cool peep are awesome to hang out with no matter what race or nationality they are!
Most African countries are crying about freedom for Blacks & Coloreds! So throw in freedom from persecution for sexual, religious, speech & why NOT cannabis freedom as well! Cuz fuk peep it was 2013 (soon to be 2014) So thought let's get Ur shit together as can't fuking understand why peep aren't allowed to Live their Life to find Happiness cuz hell they aren't hurting anyone! Shit my theory is "If all Guys were Gays then maybe some of us could find a chick"!!!!!!! LOLhttp://m.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-25463942

Also while hanging out in Capetown read this link and thought how cool to see a little girl live this, good on her parents for raising her to be Hard Ass so know when she grows up no asshole guy's going to fuk with her! Love chicks like this as sure she'll be a beautiful independent chick!!!

"A Little Girl Who Grew Up Alongside Wild Animals in Africa"

With both her parents being nature photographers, Tippi Degre has had one amazing childhood. Before she was born, her French parents relocated to Namibia, Africa where she grew up alongside wild animals such as zebras, elephants, cheetahs, and lions. Instead of playing with dolls, Tippi was out kissing toads and riding on the backs and trunks of elephants. Can you imagine how incredible this must have been?

Then returned to Wilderness after the Vortex Festival was over and stayed there for a couple weeks! Then had an invitation to spend Christmas in Abu Dhabi which was totally unexpected but so exciting to spend Christmas with my daughter & her new husband live (as they just got married earlier in the year)!