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Created this blog to document my travels, experiences & thoughts thru Central & South America but hell plan to blog my travels to where ever. Goofy harmless Free Spirit hoping to spend most of my time with locals & enjoy the world! So hang on as I travel, drink cervezas, raise a little hell, maybe piss off a few people & hopefully not give Canadians a bad reputation! Of course don't do these things on purpose but while having a good time well "Shit Happens"!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Back to Wilderness in time for New Years & to chill until time to head back to Vancouver in Feb! Dec 2013 to Feb 2014

So got back to Capetown just b4 NYE (which will be crazy for NYE) as it's crazy enuf the rest of the year too LOL. But since not a big NYE's partier well got out of town to the beach to chill (also wouldn't be able to find a cheap dorm room at the Guesthouse was staying! Could have looked elsewhere but shit got to know a few of the peep working at the Penthouse Guesthouse where was staying plus an American & Aussie who live there and love to party!) 

But man when I travel it's about learning about the geopolitics of the country and area I hang in (what better country to find out about it then S. Africa cuz was lucky enuf to be in SA when Madeba/Nelson Mandela passed away! Was very touching as felt blessed to be here to experience that sad event!!) as like to meet the local peep and also cool interesting travelers but unfortunately most of them want to be FB friends! But shit then they post and I can't read wtf they write so end up unfollowing their shit! Cuz hell it seems bout 82.99% post in a language other than English and I'm just an arrogant, ignorant English only speaking idiot! Sorry guys but useless when it comes to languages or even trying to learn them as guess not truly interested! lol Hell I maybe Canadian of Japanese ancestory but can't or even tried to learn that language as would rather learn Spanish or French (fuking wished knew it at least for the next 1 1/2 months as going to Madagascar & Reunion Island! which are both French speaking but sure will have an awesome time anyway insha'allah!)!!! Hell wud even be cool to know German here in South Africa cuz seems 90% of travelers are German!  
So was going to leave Capetown in the morning to go back to Wilderness the small beach village about 5 hrs north east of Capetown close to George in the Western Cape! Cuz like to hang out in remote out of the way places while traveling! Dam sorry got carried away on what I'm writing cuz while just chilling on the computer as one of the locals working at this guesthouse shared her Joint with me & sorry but got a buzz so then get to be a "Don't Shut the Fuk Up state" when a bit stoned LOL! So will stop here as can't remember even wtf wanted to say or write but must have been a reason! LOL But anyway heading back to Wilderness to have an awesome Happy NYE!! As will be careful and enjoy myself!!

Met up with P again in Wilderness and we had a enjoyable fun Braii on the beach with other locals for NYE and as usual enjoyed ourselves! 


So after returning to Wilderness I assisted P with her business again bcuz
 her sister had returned to Jo'burg as her kids and BF live there & where she also lived! Also had gotten to know a few local peep who worked in the village and also some who lived in a cave a short way from the beach. 
This guy, Clifford, originally started to live in the Cave! Then he took in a couple of guys and chicks to live in the Cave to help them as most were down on their luck. He supported himself by tourists who visited his Cave leave donations! So since P also knew the peep living there we wud go to the Cave to have a braai and hang out! We also wud hang out together as P loved to swim while I wasn't that excited to go in the water! 

There were a lot of fisherman & paragliders who came by the caravan/trailer to buy some food! P's place was the only place to get something to eat unless U wanted to go into the village of Wilderness which was about 1 km away from the beach! Mind U there was a beach all along the way from P's trailer business to the village of Wilderness however there were also a lot of rich white houses (with high fences patrolled 24/7 by Security companies) so there's no way you want to try to get to the beach along that stretch so most peep go to the beach by the park where P's business was located! 

P really loves South Africa even if was old enuf to have lived thru Apartheid as a child in school! Realize that tho S.A. has democracy but it still has issues like corruption so the rich get richer & poor are fuked as they remain poor! But hell it's not much  different in S.A. then every where as most peep only think of themselves. There's also a lot of unemployment but it's mostly blacks & colors in that category. Also there's a lot of uneducated people (mostly blacks and coloreds) around or at least lot who have lower education but very few have post secondary however that is changing! This uneducated peep has led to massive poverty as there's a big difference between the white popluation & others! It appears the whites, even in post Apartheid era, still are the still the more successful, rich! The older ones are still the riches and also the biggest jerks as think a lot had become that way during Apartheid! There is a lot of crime especially in the larger cities like Jo'burg, Capetown and a bit in Durban! So a person in those cities has to be street smart like in most major cities around the world!!

P also mentioned there is a lot of discrimination doing business (tho very few do it) towards non whites especially females like her! Her caravan/trailer is nice not scruffy and was located by the beach where many rich older whites (seems all the rich are white as never noticed rich black or colors however there are in places like Jo'burg and Capetown)! P had many issues from her rich white neighbors who continually wrote to the local gov't officials saying they think that she or someone was sleeping in the caravan/trailer which wasn't true! Also that the food she sold was rotten! Not sure if it was due to the fact that P was brown and a female or what but after seeing those letters back from local gov't officials it appear the case! Heck went with her to renew her driver's licence at the gov't offices and an official told her oh you're the woman who has a business on beach causing a few problems! Wow she thought how does he know and what problems except for letters sent in?? Also how wud a person working in driver's licencing dept know of business complaint?? What bothered her was no one ever came forward to talk to her but wrote the letters without knowing the actual truth! So found myself lending her support if she wanted to rant about the issues or do something as those issues were tiring and negative in her busy day!!!

In case U weren't aware know there are 4 races in S.A. - Black, White, Coloreds "they are mixed races who been in SA for 100's of years" & browns! There are also a small nbr of Chinese who mainly run shops & dont integrate with the general population like everywhere! Hell I never heard of any S.A. Japanese however they are difficult to distinguish from Chinese! But think that most SAfricans have never or know any like everywhere! So I may have stood out like a freak same as in all places lol!

P wants to be part of the solution to improve things not bail on her country cuz loves easy life which may exist in Canada! When she visited she found out she loved Canada with the beautiful nature and chill relaxing ways plus got to like the BC Bud but is NOT INTO MONEY like me! So we kinda think alike as try to assist her 2 improve sum things in small ways!

So in South Africa following New Years in late Jan and Feb the business on the beach kinda slowed down as people were finished with their vacations and kids head back to school! So P's business slowed down to the point that she didnt have to work long hours tho she did as bit of a workaholic! Tho I'm not as bad but when worked more in IT well got involved in my work and wudn't quit until got my tasks finished to my satisfaction!! 

Dam had made the mistake before I left Canada as I had also bought a ticket to fly to Madagascar! But hadn't given much thought to the weather in Madagacar! I kinda thought that hurricane season came to Madagascar in Jan - Feb and guess what that was when I was to go there! So I remembered the same mistake when I went to Goa, India a couple years ago as went there during their monsoon season! I returned home early on that trip which sucked! So I didn't want to experience that again as with the hurricane weather comes mosiquitos which I dislike as usually get bad itches! When was in Mali in northern Africa in 2010 I got a bad rash and itch so had to buy a flight as decided to go to Lebanon! I had that itch for a year so when I returned home I went to an allergy doctor, skin doctor, a tropical disease doctor and finally to a hypnotist (thought it was all in my head and well may be) to try and rid myself of this itch but to this day I still get very itchy when around mosiquitos! 

Heck I was suppose to Madagascar for a month plus Reunion Island and Mauritius! So spent a lot of time wrestling with what I should do about this trip as it cost a fair amount of money! But in the end I finally decided to not make the trip as my Adage while traveling is "If I'm enjoying myself somewhere, why fuk things up by trying to change things by going to do some thing else that possibly maybe more enjoyable!" Or as another saying goes "one in the hand is better than one night in the bush or doing it by hand is better than trying to find someone to do it with in the bush or something like that!!!" lol

I had been thinking ot maybe spending a week going to Namibia! Then back to Jo'burg to connect to my original plan of going to Madagascar, Reunion & Mautius! However in reality finally decided that the mosquitos and itch may return again so bailed on going to Madagascar! So ended up chilling in Wilderness as P required a lot of assistance as her sister had returned to Jo'burg! But guess the real thing I discarded the idea of going to Madagascar was worried about the hurricanes and mosquitos (not scared of hurricanes) as have a difficult time with mosquitos  that come with the rains as had been in a country which had a monsoon so didn't want to encounter it again! I tried to forget about the expression "It's Not the Things U Do in Life but the Things U Don't Do in Life that will haunt U!" Bcuz I tend to not look back but forward! lol

P was always saying that SA is beautiful (which it is) & also likes to travel 2 tho hadn't done much so told her come visit Vancouver in Canada 2 see raw natural beauty! Plus cud couch surf at my place as wud show her cool fun interesting places in Van, B.C. & also Eastern Canada! So P came in Jun of 2014 (but getting ahead of myself bcuz blogging right now about when was in South Africa from Nov 2013 - Feb 2014 while P didn't visit until Jun - Sept 2014!) for 3 months to have an awesome time plus fall in with the world famous BC Bud (not me haha)!                      
So took an overnight bus from Wilderness to Jo'burg to leave S.A. But wud kinda like to see some of the areas of  South Africa missed as got to like the country and it's unique geopolitics! Also got to love Wilderness the small chill beautiful beach village north east of Capetown! So looking forward to hosting and showing P around Vancouver and BC!! Bcuz enjoy showing peep the beautiful city of Vancouver and province of BC not to mention Canada!

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