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Created this blog to document my travels, experiences & thoughts thru Central & South America but hell plan to blog my travels to where ever. Goofy harmless Free Spirit hoping to spend most of my time with locals & enjoy the world! So hang on as I travel, drink cervezas, raise a little hell, maybe piss off a few people & hopefully not give Canadians a bad reputation! Of course don't do these things on purpose but while having a good time well "Shit Happens"!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Decided hell why not try the Baz Bus from Johannesburg to Durban as it's an idiot proof way of traveling down the east coast of S.A.!! Nov 2013

Got to Jo'burg about 2:30 and ate some food we brought with us! Then said our good by's and she left to go visit and stay with friends around Pretoria!

So stayed at the Shoestrings Backpackers Guesthouse again as knew the ropes! Sure is a hub 4 international travellers as shared dorm room with 3 Japanese chicks (1 going to Cairo & 2 to Belgium), an Aussie heading to Vanuatu an island in Pacific!, a German going to Hong Kong, another German arriving, another Swiss heading to Mozambique to dive & me heading to Durban!! Two of the Japanese chicks wanted to catch the High Speed Train but were kinda scared to walk there (hell it was fuking daytime lol) so offered to escort them there walking cuz thought would do a good deed!!

Then there were 2 Swiss traveling Africa in a 4x4 truck with a tent on top that they bought if U can believe it?? But what different was this English couple living in Zimbabwe who were staying in a budget guesthouse with their about 3 yr old kid & nanny/servant!!! Like who the hell stays in a cheap end guesthouse (like I stay in) with a fuking Nanny cuz shit U have to know where I stay is usually rock bottom in class lol! But only the English like to eat up the Raj mentality & their Class structure with servants & nannies as they love to exploit the locals to promote their superiority & rank espec in Africa & India well in fact everywhere! But all I ask is plz don't stay in the same shit hole as me with a nanny cuz its must be just a fuking facade or they're fuking too lazy to feed their own kid!!!! Anyway maybe they were staying there probably cuz the owner of the guesthouse is English so he probably eats that shit up too!

So hung around Jo'burg for a couple days as tried to decide what/where/how wud go next!! Then figured was time to go as decided to try the Baz Bus to Durban cuz they pick a person up from their Guest House! Yeah its a bit expensive (500. $
50) but wtf dislike going into Jo'burg as dislike the place! 

So yeah left for Durban on the Baz Bus http://www.alternativeroute.net/backpacker-transport/bus-and-shuttle-services/baz-bus.html which is a bus org for backpackers (tho dislike being labeled a backpacker tho I carry one cuz more convenient but would rather be referred as a traveller lol) which picks a person up from your guesthouse/lodge & drops U off at any one U choose (so saves on taxis, searching & walking to u'r guesthouse). The bus carries 20 pax and on this trip most got off in the Drackenburg mountains https://www.google.ca/search?q=drakensberg+mtns+south+africa&espv=2&biw=1218&bih=659&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=TkpdVO7rNs7SoAT28oCgBg&ved=0CEUQsAQ  But didnt get off cuz tho beautiful well wasnt into doing touristy stuff with all the others! Then went thru the city of Pietermaritzburg the second largest city in the province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa!       http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pietermaritzburg


Then we made it to Durban, the Indian center of S.Africa!! I had booked a bed at the Happy Hippo Guest house which cost 150 R (same as many Guest Houses) as it was 2 blks from the beach!
Went to Flight Center in the Musgrave Centre Mall as priced the cost of a ticket from Madagascar to Maritius to Reunion for 4300 R/$430! Also checked the cost of a flight on a domestic carrier from Capetown to Namibia to Jo'burg but fuk it cost 5000R! But bought a ticket from Madagascar (was going there anyways) to Reunion Island via Mauritius (have to spend the night there so wud sleep in the airport as prob too expen$ive for a tight traveller like me lol)! So told Anne who lives in Reunion about my ticket and she said to stop by! Also found a couchsurfer there willing to host me lol first person I checked so heck will find another person so maybe Im all set!!

Yeah so while in Durban had the opportunity to view 3 racial parts of the population (black, white & brown) so got a personal overview of the racial population of the place!

First visited Chatsworth (got as many Indians here as there are Chinese in Vancouver, well on second thought maybe there's not as many Indians as there are Chinese in Hongcouver lol)! Went to maybe buy an Indian cotton shirts (cooler than tshirts). Also was dying to pig out on some awesome Indian food insha'allah! Cuz was known for an Indian food called Bunny Chow. 
Yeah also couldnt pass up buying an awesome pipe like a vaporizer!! LOL  Mainly to try some Indian food like Bunny Chow a Durban deliciousy as love Curry! hmmm Also wanted to pick up an Indian cotton shirt as t shirts I brought are just too hot to wear!! One thing about S.A. is everyone speaks English and maybe another language like Zulu, isXhosa or Afrikaan! So found most of the Indians were speaking English among each other! They were very helpful and friendly but of course I've come to notice that Indian peep everywhere in the World speak excellent English & get along great with peep from all over the world they still mostly like to socialize among their own kind! So yeah have worked and gone to school with Indians but have never made a friend to hang out with an Indian!

Went to Umlazi a Black Township outside of Durban with a South African black mate as he kept asking me have you ever been to a Township so I d say yeah always hang out there on Sat night as enjoy getting Rolled lol! https://www.google.ca/search?q=umlazi&espv=2&biw=1218&bih=659&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=yIFdVIK7IpXqoATUwYG4Ag&ved=0CCMQsAQ   
 So the Dude invited me to go visit his township as I hadn't given a thought about visiting one cuz well shit wasn't doing a tour of a township like Soweto in Jo burg! Cuz shit would feel like a real tourist taking a bus tour of a Township where peep live! But going with my friend was cool cuz hell talked to a lot of the locals from the Township (don't know if I care for the word Township cuz to me it sounds like a word from the Apartheid days!!) But wtf do I know as am just a visitor! But yeah the peep there were really friendly and liked to talk! What was cool is tasting some of the food that they ate there like buying a couple sausages and steaks as there's a brai (bbq in S African) to cook the meat! Hell it was funny cuz it was pouring rain and here we are brai ing!! Also got to visit a few of the peep's homes and they weren't like a ghetto or anything but just peep's homes!! So that was an excellent view of the peep's lives!

A SouthAfrican/Croatian friend lives across the street from me in Vancouver was down in SA at the same time as me! But somehow we couldn't meet up as our schedules weren't in tune! But her Mom lives in a town just a hr north of Durban so wanted to meet to check her town Balito or at least her Mother's home town not that wanted to stopped to visit! So shit decided to check out the village even in my friend wasn't there (didn't go to her home cuz had no idea where it was but just wanted to check out a small village in SA). So had to take shared taxi from Durban station for Stanger (30 R) then walked to the townsite & returned on a similar shared taxi back to Durban! Hell I was expecting a cool village cuz my friend is a cool person! But fuk found a bunch of guarded communities even tho there didn't appear to be any reason for it!!! OK to be honest the place friggin sucked cuz it was a touristy village for white peep!! The village was very cold and distant except for a few of the friendly shop keepers prob for business reasons! So cudn't wait to get my ass out of Dodge (that shit hole village)!

So yeah my experience visiting a White township was not the same as visiting a Black township or Indian community! In fact the Lilly White Township was probably the most boring of any racial place I've visited in SA or most places! But glad I got to compare the 3 communities in SA! Shit the only community I didn't visit was a China Town (Chinatown) here in SA as didn't know if there was one tho wasn't interested in seeing one! But sure they must be here cuz fuk there are a lot of Chinese working here (like all over the World)! Hell they're most invisible except for when U go to a shop run by Chinese! They're very business like but unfortunately not very friendly tho harmless. All U get from them when U enter their shop is an answer as they don't like to chat with their customers! So basically there're boring and unfriendly! 

But I was mainly interested in comparing the Blacks, Whites and Indians cuz fuk if want to see Chinese hell cud stay in Hongcouver!!! Hell I wanted to see how the main racial groups in SA interacted or just see their communities!!

Since was staying close to the beach hell went there a few times and also rented a bike a couple times rode down the beach as one day rode a couple hours to check out the city! 

Tho had no thought of smoking in S.A. but all that changed after visiting Swaziland lol! Heck at the Guest House ended up smoking a few times with a couple of peep staying there! As smoked weed with Deon (African), Josh (American from Virginia) & Andy(Chinese Amer from NY)! Tried out my new pipe with my African dorm mate who only drank but did it big time as wud drink 18 beers!! We'd head up the roof to smoked but an American (Sabrina) -French (Jimmy) couple said they smoked in their room but unfort I was in a dorm LOL!  One night a bunch of us staying at the Guesthouse went to a chill place called Cool Running! So Sandile (my S.African dorm mate), Ashley, Judith (Dutch chick), Julia, Sabrina, Jimmy, Oliver, & myself went to Cool Runnimgs mainly to get weed! 
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cool-Runnings-Durban/104182989699690 Another night we all went to a bar called Winston Pub with Toto (German dude who kept in touch with and met in Capetown), Pablo, Ashley & 6 Africaans!
Also ran into Sibyl the Swiss chick met in Swazi as her friend and her friend stayed at the Happy Hippo one night! 

What sucked was a friend living across the street in Vancouver from me in Vancouver was visiting her Mom in S.A. so had hoped to meet up otherwise will prob meet in Capetown as we're both volunteering at a musical fest there at start of Dec. In fact my friend talked me into volunteering there! 

So ended buying a Baz Bus pass Tckt from Durban to Capetown for about $325 (a tad expen$ive) as prob cud get there cheaper but wtf can get off & on at any backpacker guesthouse/lodge along the way as many times as U want for an unlimited amt of time! Find it to be a bit expensive but wtf withdrew 3000 Rands as 
bought it from Durban to Capetown 3080 R (about $308 USD) which was fuking expen$ive but wtf was being lazy and a no brainer way to travel lol! But thought shit wudn't have to buy another ticket as it was a convenient way to get off & on any bus to see all the cool towns/villages between Jo burg & Capetown along the beautiful east coast about 1300 km/800 miles! http://www.sa-venues.com/maps/south-africa-national-roads.htm

Lot of peep told me about this real chill down the coast which had to check out called Coffee Bay!

The Baz Bus got to Coffee Bay by 5:30 pm just in time for the steak dinner which was being served there for guests!!

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