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Created this blog to document my travels, experiences & thoughts thru Central & South America but hell plan to blog my travels to where ever. Goofy harmless Free Spirit hoping to spend most of my time with locals & enjoy the world! So hang on as I travel, drink cervezas, raise a little hell, maybe piss off a few people & hopefully not give Canadians a bad reputation! Of course don't do these things on purpose but while having a good time well "Shit Happens"!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wow Swaziland was really chill as really liked the place with it;s awesome landscape plus met lot of cool fun peep from various countries so had a great time!!! Nov 2013

The border crossing from Mozambique to Swaziland went OK as was cool! But after that part of the trip shit it was a f*ckin Gong Show! Hell our mini bus broke down 3 times but had no idea what was wrong as every one was speaking in an African language Not that I could provide much assistance anyway! LOL Unfortunately no one had a flash light and mine was buried deep in my pack so wasn't close at hand! So the driver and another guy used the light from their phones to luminate the engine plus to repair a flat tire! 


We were definitely running late so was beginning to realize by 10 pm that shit figured most places would probably be shut down tighter than a drum by the time we arrived! So thought dam would be cool at least to call the Guesthouse (had booked) to let them know would be running late but were still on our way! But shit didn't have a Swazi Sim Card in my phone to make a call so a chick from Angola (who spoke good English as had studied in London & wasn't shy like most) lent me her's! In fact on the trip was able to talk to a couple of friendly peep from various African countries that had never been to b4! So tho had told the Guesthouse that we'd be there around 11 pm shit when we had our last break down (while I was aboard) that we were close to the Guesthouse but f*ck we were still on the highway in what seemed like the middle of nowhere so had no f*ckin idea where we were but they said maybe call a cab! F*ck that was easier said than done so the sweet Angolan chick came to the rescue again & lent me her phone to call a cab to take me to the Guesthouse! Tho not sure where the f*ck they got the number for a cab! But the driver did the route a lot so sure his f*cking mini bus probably broke down every dam time lol! Well the taxi driver was a real winner as confirmed why f*ckin dislike taking a cab any where in the world! He said he knew the way to the Legends Lodge (where had booked)! But the lying asshole didn't have a clue where it was as he drove us to a shopping center, woke up a security guard to ask him! Shit that part of the country (Ezulwini Valley along with Swaziland) wasn't that big as surely a driver must know where all the guesthouses around that area as shit we were out in the country not in a city! So by some miracle we finally got to the friggin Legends Lodge around 12:30 am only to find out like I suspected that it was friggin closed! So the taxi driver disappeared around the back and this woman appeared to open the door! So after a 15 hr bus ride from hell I finally got 2 sleep around 1:30 am!!                               

So that first night stayed at this Legends Backpacker Lodge which was OK as met a guy while staying in Shoestrings Backpackers in Jo'burg who worked as a guide here! The next day was up @ 11 am to shower as walked to the Gables Shopping Center to get some cash from the ATM machine! I ran into this South African guy Peter there who told me he was staying at the Lidwaya Guesthouse down the from where I was staying!  

Later that day shit it started thundering, lightening, raining and the power went off for 2 days! But fuk what was odd was the power was on at all other places around Legends! So I said fuk this place & moved to the Lidwaya Guesthouse where the guy met Peter was staying and found it was a cool chill place! http://lidwala.co.sz/

So stayed in the same tent dorm as Peter! It was tent which had dorm beds! Found out that Peter was an Afrikan working in Chad (another story) cuz as a South African if someone works in a foreign country if they go back to S.A. then they would have to pay 49% tax on their foreign earnings! So most South Africans go to a neighboring country mainly Swaziland where they spent their vacations & their families join them there!

We chatted & between big fat ones told him wanted to do something activity around there so he said wud show me! So we hiked up the local mtn Sheba's Breast which had a trail behind the Guest house leading us along a stream, through an indigenous forest up to the summit! There cud get a 360 degree view of the Ezulwini Valley & the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. We also shared a taxi (as no buses) into Mbabane the capital of Swaziland to check it out! Plus walked down to Gables Shopping Center to have a meal!

Also met 3 weed smoking Afrikans who were really chill & stoners lol! One of them Jonny was cool as told me he was an ex heroin addict who started doing weed to take his mind of H! So now he spent a lot of time in Swaziland as wud meet and teach all the local weed growers about growing better greens! But what cool about knowing him was everyday he'd laid free weed on me saying "man this is the best fuking Swazi around".   http://marijuana.com/community/threads/swazi-weed.220030/ Shit hadn't even finished the previous day stash and he'd lay some more the next day saying the same thing! Shit was awesome as was getting friggin shit faced stoned every night with the guys for free! lol Hell there went my thought of staying away from weed while traveling thru S.A. and surroundin countries!!!

Also met a friendly French Chick from Reunion Island between Madagascar and Mauritius! She was cool, funny & didn't give a shit which is probably why we hit it off! However didn't know much about Reunion Island so may check it out when go to Madagascar in Jan and Feb http://www.lonelyplanet.com/reunion  Hopefully the invitation to visit this friend will still be open (tho don't like to impose on peep!) but wtf if it isn't well sure will still enjoy it there!! Plus met a Swiss chick Sybil who ran across later in Durban a week or so later! She was sort of on a world trip as gave up her job! Also there was this white haired old dude who spent a night in our tent! His was Hurdo a Brazilian Ayawashka as had done the ceremony while in Peru a few years back (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/) This guy from Brazil was an Ayawaska expert who lectured on the it thru out S. Africa! Later found out he had always been stoned on both Ayawaska and Swazi weed!!


So in between the free big fat joints with all those cool chill peep I was able to hike up a tall peak or mtn plus check out Mbabane!! So have to say had an awesome fuking time in Swaziland as hadn't planned to smoke on this trip but fuk the Afrikans had all this cool Swazi weed which was pretty fuking wicked so wtf had to help smoke the shit!! LOL                                                                     

But figured it was time to head out & Johnny said hey I'll leave with U but shit he cud never get his shit together so thought OK so he's staying 2 more nights so then will leave on bus to Durban the next day insha'allah So got a ride to Gables Center with the french chick Anne along with Henro & Lyle 4 some groceries and got 2000 Swazi money which exchanged to Rand!
1 CAD  = 9.79852   SZL  (Swazi Lilangeni)

Then the following day planned 2 leave to Durban but was offered a ride to Jo'burg with Anne the French chick from Reunion Island so figured wtf it may be in the opposite direction but it was taking me out of Swaziland back to SA! So gave Anne (300 R 4 gas even if she didn't want it) & left!

But one thing found out is Swaziland is fuking awesome & so is their weed plus all the cool peep met there!! So the place to stay is in the Ezulwini Valley cuz it's not the city but the country baby!! Plus my fuking ATM card worked !!! LOL

Oh yeah only took maybe 20 pics in my 4 months but here are a couple

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