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Created this blog to document my travels, experiences & thoughts thru Central & South America but hell plan to blog my travels to where ever. Goofy harmless Free Spirit hoping to spend most of my time with locals & enjoy the world! So hang on as I travel, drink cervezas, raise a little hell, maybe piss off a few people & hopefully not give Canadians a bad reputation! Of course don't do these things on purpose but while having a good time well "Shit Happens"!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Was searching for some interesting rewarding thing to do with my life (Not just making money at a job) which led to a couple of things that hope to do in 2012 !!!

Cuz It’s so F*ckin Awesome to be Alive!

Just thankful have Health, Happiness, loving Family & Friends plus the Ability to Travel! So love to give back something by helping people who aren’t as fortunate or need a helping hand! Yeah so don’t work that much as don’t need a lot of Money as shit either Spend it foolishly, Piss it Away. Give it Away or Lose it! Which is why only Work a bit & Volunteer!

Just returned from a trip in Jan 2012 & for the first time was at loose ends with what to do! Didn’t feel like fit in society anymore (which of course I don't)! So wasn’t sure & still not sure what want to do with my life (cuz will probably never grow up LOL) as don’t want to work just for materialistic gains! Hell meet too many peep who only care about themselves, trying to impress others with money & appearance who are flaky as hell! Enjoy meeting others who also love Experiences, Adventure, Giving to Others & Living Life to the Max! 

Wow then a couple things happened which got me thinking about what I’ve been & enjoy doing!!

Read a book “The Razor’s Edge"   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Razor%27s_Edge The book inspired & got me thinking about the Reason/Meaning of our Lives! So like the guy in the book may head to India (as kinda like the place) for a little Spiritual Enlightenment to better understand life! Hell already think like the guy in the book except didn’t go thru a war but can understand a bit as my son just returned from Afghanistan a bit messed up! 

Came across a guy who survived Cancer who is trying to fund raise for Cancer Research & Awareness by cycling across the US in the fall 2012! http://www.thirty4three.com/index.html  & on FB https://www.facebook.com/Thirty4Three . He was looking for someone to drive a RV support vehicle for him as he's gotten an Aussie chick to help cook the meals! So offered my services as this sounded like an awesome volunteering gig!

So may head to India this spring 2012 to check out an Ashram  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashram  even if not big into yoga or mediation! Also not big into religion but been reading this about Buddhism  http://www.buddhanet.net/e-learning/5minbud.htm Then after may head to Russia to do the Trans Siberian Railway when it warms up a bit. Had hoped to try & do the Trans Siberian Railway in the fall as a couple of former traveler friends are planning to do it at that time.

Wanna return to Vancouver for the summer & do Burning Man (in Nevada) at the end of Aug. Then  could hang around that area & meet up with Rudy & Samantha in California after Burning Man to start our trip across the US! Once we get to the end of our journey in Florida may hitch, ride share or bus & couch surf my way north along the eastern seaboard back to Canada! But since winter would be starting well may decide to head to a Caribbean island to spend a few months in warm weather!

In the meantime will work & volunteer part time! A buddy has asked me to help him do some work with him! Also already have a commitment to volunteer at a Salsa Festival in a couple weeks. But hell who knows as don’t make many detail plans as things change & shit happens! However I do honor commitments so will definitely be there to help Rudy in his goal of cycling across the US!

My view on life I wrote in my CS Profile that gave up the real world to travel! A chick met traveling posted a FB link to this article written by a guy who also met traveling!
http://matadornetwork.com/notebook/how-to-quit-your-job-and-travel-the-world/ Read this article to hopefully put to rest any apprehensions u may have (when things aren't going so good) about u'r decision to say screw everything to go traveling! Bcuz u'r one of the maybe 10% who had the balls to go for it!!!

Life is what u make of it so shit not going to just sit around thinking about it!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Checked out Dubai, United Arab Emirates!! Jan 2012

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There's a bunch of my postings that I haven't finished or added my thoughts or experiences to as yet! But hey it's only been 3 or 4 months so will get around to it soon insha'allah! So if u want to read wtf went on well check back again in another 3 or 4 months time!

Yeah Dubai is just another Las Vegas but hey it's good to see once which is enough! Saw my friend Mateja from Croatia who is working as a flight attendent for Emirates Airlines in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world, the goofy indoor ski hill in the world's largest shopping mall, the Palm which is a man made island shaped like a palm tree and got to see the old school souk (Arabic market)! Yeah Dubai is a bit plastic but worth seeing cuz of all the hype it gets!

So awesome to meet up with a Croatian friend who’s working as a Flight Attendant with Emirates Airlines here in Dubai! We met when she was working at a Hostel I stayed at in Zagreb a couple years ago! I really cherish the many friends like her I meet traveling ! It’s one of the reasons I love Traveling as it sure the f*ck isn't the shitty tourist attractions like statues, museums & churches! But all the cool interesting people a person meets traveling so it’s kind of sad to say goodbye when we part to go our separate ways! What was cool was we met & had a drink at the base of Burj Khalifa, the Tallest building in the World! Then went to check out the goofy indoor ski hill in Dubai! But wtf people come to Canada to ski/snowboard and go to hot places to surf, etc so it all works out!!! Basically Dubai is just a shopping Mecca not much else ! It’s just another Las Vegas so visiting once is enough !!! 

Wow I saw both Mateja and Kara in the past year! Met them both in Zagreb when I stayed at the hostel Mateja was working! Kara came to "Vancouver last summer and then I visited Mateja in Dubai! Mateja told me that when her probation period is over then she can apply for an US visa! Then she can work flights going to Eastern US! So it would be awesome if she flew to DC and u could visit her! As I said there's nothing better than meeting up with nice people (like u 2 sweethearts) that u meet previously in your travels! I'd go out of my way to meet people like the 2 of them even for 1 hr! So happy for Mateja and about her career with Emirates Airline!!!

In Abu Dhabi to enjoy the Desert, Mountains & finally the Beach! Jan 2012

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In Abu Dhabi to enjoy the Desert, Mountains & finally the Beach to camp in Sultanate of Oman as had to cross the border as like the beach!!!

Yeah it was awesome to head to the mountains, desert and beach to check out Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other Emirates of the United Arab Emirates! But shit somehow we ended up in the Sultanate of Oman to camp on the beach! Was a bit concerned if I went into Oman that wouldn;’t be able to re-enter UAE as didn’t have a multi entry visa for Abu Dhabi / UAE! But after using our most diplomatic Assalamu alaikums and Aleykum selams we made it back into UAE!!!

We found an awesome sight to camp on the beach that it was worth it to go into the Sultanate of Oman to camp!! Probably the only downside were the young Omani’s raising up and down the sand dunes in their 4 wheel drives! They have nothing else to do with their time and they have lots of money to buy the toys!! Too bad they can’t hang out or talk to chicks their aga like guys in the rest of the world!!

On the way back we stopped at a resort for a nice meal! Noticed that there are a lot of Russian tourists at the resort ! Plus was told there are a lot of Russians in UAE (Abu Dhabi & Dubai)!! Dam lately have been running into a few Russians and shit thought I was thru with Russians after meeting up with my crazy Russian friend Olga in Ethiopia! But have to say if all Russians are sweet and nice as Olga I’ll love meeting them!!
Anyway had a good time in the desert, mountains and beach camping!!!

Abu Dhabi a more liveable realistic city than Dubai! Jan 2012

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Some of my new friends in Ethiopia!!! Lol Dec 2011 & Jan 2012

Here's some pictures of "Some of my new friends in Ethiopia!!! Lol |"


What can I say about Ethiopia- except met some beautiful people! Dec 2011 & Jan 2012

Here's some pictures of "What can I say about Ethiopia- except met some beautiful people!"



Loved Ethiopia and the beautiful Ethiopians and especially the close Travelers met! There was Olga a beautiful sweet kind chick as became a very close dear friend with this wonderful friend crazy Russian (dam hope we meet again), Slavco my dear close Aussie/Macdonian weed lovin Mate (love u guy), Stefon an Eastern Canadian dude from Toronto who is prob the opposite of me but grew to become close bud's, Siemon the funny crazy Italian who became a great buddy, Magdelena an adventurous sweet German/Polish traveler who had everything beauty brains and sense of adventure, Hawa a beautiful Somali chick born in Somaliland and raised in England who was a lot of fun, Holly a fun loving American who met by chance but hope to meet again, Kuku a sweet kind Ethiopian who became close to but only as friends but unfortunately she thought different & a cast of 100's. Loved Sheshameme and the Rastafarian Village where Olga and I hung out at the Spicy Caribbean Delight restaurant every afternoon while in Sheshameme (my favorite restaurant and memories in Ethiopia - not sure if it was the restaurant or hanging with my dear friend Olga). Loved Carol the sweet Trinidadian woman who's an awesome friend and cook- yummy! Not crazy about Addis Ababa but met most of my good friends hanging out at Baro Hotel near Piss Alley in the sketchy Piazza area of the city! Will never forget the country and people I met! Great memories! Love u guys!!!
Best memories of Ethiopia was the nice, cool, interesting people hung out with at the Baro Holel and in Sheshememe! Enjoyed the evening before catching an early morning flight out of Ethiopia for Abu Dhabi Shared dinner with some good friends! Thx Salvco, Siemon, Stefon, Magdelena, Hawa (a English Somali who love to tease as she's sweet), Zac, etc. Last but not least is the most awesome fun loving friend I met in Ethiopia as we hung out most of the most time & bonded! Olga my crazy Russian friend as became close after meeting in Sheshememe and again in Addis Ababa! So happy for u Olga as hope your dream trip to get to India works out as planned but why shouldn't it? As I helped u organize things lol!!!! So got to be close with these friends as wtf else is there to do in Addis Ababa! Thx to a couple of u guys for sharing some of your 420 as almost didn't get to the airport!!! But thx to a trained taxi driver made it and then spent 30 mins in security as had to strip down & remove most of my jewellery and clothes! Dam haven't they come across a crazy free spirited idiot before? lol!!!

Got into a bit of shit in Addis Ababa so it became a night mare for me as experienced a real live "Tomyo escapes from Addids Ababa" one night! It's a long story that can tell u over a beer one day! Anyway decided it was time to leave Dodge as got into too much trouble for me there as got boycotted from a few hotels! Ethiopia is fun & interesting but didn't care much for Addis Ababa as just another big African city! But met some real cool fun people that value as good friends!

Wondered if I was a naughty boy in 2011 cuz guess what I won't be celebrating Christmas this year! Cuz am in Ethiopia and Christmas is held on Jan 7. But will be out of Ethiopia at that time! So thought I better clean up my act in 2012!!!

So won't be missing the Christmas & New Years holiday this year but wtf "EVERYDAY'S A HOLIDAY WHEN YOU'RE TRAVELING"

Typical day of traveling espec. in Ethiopia!

1. Wake & Bake aka have a smoke of Ganja
2. Have brekie aka have some breakfast
3. Go visit friend for coffee or tea
4. Decide what to do that day
5. Have a smoke
6. Argue with a mini bus driver to take us to a National Park!
7..Take mini bus and putt putt to a National Park!8. Find out the entrance to National Park too expensive

8. Find out the entrance to National Park too expensive
9. Have a smoke
10. Hitch hike in a truck & also a mini bus back to Shashememe
11. Go to Rastafarian Village for a bite to eat at Carol's Spicy Caribbean Delight
12. Have a smoke ............................................

Had a new experience as it was another first as hosted a Russian Couch Surfer in my room in Shashememe, Ethiopia. At this time of year what else can a person do but help a fellow CS'ing traveler who is next to broke but let them crash in your room!!! Hell it's not like it's costing me any money or anything!!!!

Dam got refused entry to 2 bars in Addis Ababa for wearing shorts!! Shit been thrown out of a few bars all over the world! But Ethiopia?? Mind u a German guy & I met 2 Couch Surfers at an up scale restaruant they're choice not ours! They didn't serve beer as was a Muslim place! So when they left we went next door to 2 bars for a beer but got refused entry to both places! Shit guess ritszy pretentious places are the same all over the world! Yeah not into fancy glitter places so went back to areas that I can relate to in the cheaper area where we were staying for an enjoyable beer! Seems Couch Surfers in Ethiopia are the rich upscale people wanting to meet people from all over the world to mix and practice their English I guess! Probably didn't expect budget travelers like us lol! But they were nice as Shouted us the dinner plus taxi ride there lol!! Wow that never happens!!!!

Anyway heard there was a Rastafarian Reggae festival here in Sashememe (sort the heartland of the Rastarian movement in Ethiopia)! So caught the last day of festival and enjoyed it! Met a couple of ppl from Trinidad here so may hang out with them today!!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shashamane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&source=hp&q=sashememe+ethiopia&oi=image_result_group&sa=X

Seemed every second guy here in Addis Ababa (the capital of Ethiopia) was peddling some gunja!! So wasn't sure if I was going to like place???????????????????? Anyway going to this Rasfaraian city Sashamene (think it's the heart pf Rastafarian religion in Ethiopia & maybe world) tomorrow cuz just heard there's a concert going on this weekend! Also would be cool to check out country side there, been in contact with this Couch Surfing chick who is at the concert! Then may try to get visa for Djibouti & Somaliland to check those 2 places out! So should be a hella time here in Ethiopia! Weather isn't too bad either!!!!!


Wow had to check if was in a Muslim country when got to Bahrain! Dec 2011

Here's some pictures of "Wow had to check if was in a Muslim country when got to Bahrain!"

F*ck had the shitty luck with booking & making it on airplane flights on the trip! Cuz on the current trip hell booking flights had been like Murphy’s Law !!!

Likel got to the Budapest airport & found out my online booking hadn’t been made so had to buy a ticket! Then in Kiev I was late for my flight & had to buy another ticket and wait 7 1/1 hrs! That was mostly my own stupidity / fault!!

Then I made an online booking from Istanbul, Turkey to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Abu Dhabi, UAE and back to Istanbul, Turkey! So thought it was OK but the booking happened to be with Gulf Air so for this cheap flight booking well each sector has a short stopover in Manama, Bahrain where the airline is based!

But then what happened was the airlines told me that I got a slight change in my itinerary from Gulf Air & then I had a 3 DAY STOPOVER in Manama, Bahrain!!!! So emailed Gulf Air to ask them to either book me into a hotel & meals included with them footing the bill cuz it wasn't my change & the Middle East is e$$$pensive! Otherwise wanted them to change my routing to Ethiopia!! But they weren’t replying & I was in Chisinau, Moldova heading for Bucharest, Romania so didn’t have access to a telephone! So u can say I was not a happy camper as who wanted to stay in an airport for 3 days in the Middle East! I had worked in Saudi Arabia & Oman so knew that the airports in the Middle East are crowded with Indian & Pakistani laborers sitting all over the terminal or sleeping on the floor! So where the f*ck was I supposed to sleep? Better yet did I want to sleep in the Bahrain airport? Oh well could always discuss the financial crisis in the US and EU with them instead lol!!!

So spent some time in transit at the Bahrain airport while waiting to go to Dubai to catch a flight to Ethiopia! Gulf Airlines those ass holes had changed my itinerary so I had a 5 day layover in Bahrain on way to Ethiopia! So got 2 couch surfers lined up to host me! But then Gulf Air called me on arrival in Bahrain to tell me they’ll re-route me thru Dubai! Shit why did they wait 2 or 3 wks to tell me! So now don’t have a 5 day layover & don’t need couch surfing hosts! I know in Middle East countries when paper work starts it’s almost impossible to change! So guess will pass on Bahrain and spend more time in Ethiopia where it’s a lot cheaper and things to do outdoors!!! Sure is different here in the Middle East after traveling in Eastern Europe for a while but hey love both places plus love Mother Africa!

So there folks was the latest Dilemma of “What the F*ck is happening to Tom?” Or maybe it should be “What the f*ck is Tom’s latest Predicament?” ! Ah shit still remembered that still had my flight home from Istanbul so hoped the f*ck that didn’t get f8cked up too!!! 

A friend of mine wondered why if I was having problems with the airlines that I couldn’t phone them. So told her that I was in Moldova & they had phones but would have needed to make an international call! So if u think I f*cked up airline tickets well I sucked even more with phone calls probably in Eastern Europe cuz wtf is this + sign before a number? Which is why I stuck to texting & buses as probably only make about 1 actual call a week back home! And doubt if the f*ckin airlines have cell phones to text!!
So was  cool to visit Bahrain but hell I wanted to do it on my terms not cuz some f*ckin airlines changes my itinerary on me! Shit if I stayed there for 3 days I’d need a Visa! Also don’t know if u’ve ever spent time in the Middle East but it’s F$CKIN E$PENSIVE! Cuz in my world the magic word is FREE or CHEAP!! Which my stopover in Bahrain wouldn’t be unless I fight for a place to crash in the airport with all the illiterate unskilled laborers waiting for a flight home! So if I had stayed there I had hoped to either couch surf or stay at a hostel! So checked those options out but after I had exhausted hitting up Gulf Air to host me at a hotel with meals! But unfortunately figured I was looking up a dead horse’s ass there!!  
Hell was going to UAE cuz had a free place to crash there cuz it’s more f*ckin E$pensive there! If I stayed in Bahrain would have been cool to also visit Qatar! Then Yemen would have been the only Arab country hadn’t visited on the Arab peninsula!! Had enjoyed the results of Old Soviet countries converting to capitalism in many countries which to me is the only interesting & fun part of Europe! But also love Arab countries cuz can relate to the Bokra (Tomorrow) Insha’allah (God willing) & Ma'alesh (Doesn't matter) attitude to life!! Then was going to check out the Rastafarian movement in Ethiopia & to travel the Ethiopian Highlands if it wasn’t too cool there cuz had enough of the shitty cool weather!

So the reason I travel to those places cuz well my friend those are some of the reasons why I travel to them!!! It’s to check out interesting exotic places (not f*ckin churches, castles, museums & statues) & especially to meet cool interesting people! It’s not to get shit faced in some shit hole city or hostel even though that just happens along the way! So if U can’t figure out why I travel well it’s also to meet awesome people like u! lol Also u wondered my friend could figure out how I could make it around the world when I get lost so often? Well I cut down on my weed & partying intake I guess! But shit Life is all a big adventure & party which we’ll never survive!!!

Then finally heard back from Gulf Air but they weren’t any  f*ckin help so thought screw them & their Customer Service! Could sleep in the Transit Lounge for 3 days with couple hundred illiterate laborers from India, Pakistan & where ever (sorry wasn’t above them but shit I've seen them in airports when worked in Middle East)! Or one of my other friends said that I could put a positive spin on a f*cked up situation (cuz if they dump sour lemon on me well may as well make lemonaide) so was going to Couch Surf in the E$$$$$$pensive Arab country! Gulf Air is no f*ckin help to customers so shit have to help myself! So already had one person who offerred to host me & even pick me up from the airport insha'allah! Also requested a couch from a chick cuz would be cool to experience couch surfing at a chick's place in an Muslim country (for the experience). So hell was going to check out this Muslim country (always bring a gift when I couch surf at someone's place cuz to me as a kind of thank u & exchange) as wtf was  looking at Bahrain as another country to visit on this trip! Cuz seems there are nice, friendly, interesting people in every place u visit on the road of life!

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