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Created this blog to document my travels, experiences & thoughts thru Central & South America but hell plan to blog my travels to where ever. Goofy harmless Free Spirit hoping to spend most of my time with locals & enjoy the world! So hang on as I travel, drink cervezas, raise a little hell, maybe piss off a few people & hopefully not give Canadians a bad reputation! Of course don't do these things on purpose but while having a good time well "Shit Happens"!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Well It’s fall so it’s off to Toronto & Montreal for the 2nd year at this time! Sept 2011

So taken a road trip across Canada by ride share in Oct 2010. It was so awesome but this year 2011 decided to fly to Toronto on my air mile points! A road tripis cool but takes 4 to 5 days one way & probably isn’t any cheaper as I was splitting the cost with the driver! It was cool except the dude that scored a ride with didn’t want to camp so spent a couple nights in a cheap motel plus staying with his friends along the way!
The reason I decided to go to Toronto was to see my daughter and son! I’m not a fan of Toronto but hey it probably doesn’t like me either! Hey Toronto is OK to visit for a short time but not the kind of city I’d like to live! But hey not saying it’s not a good city!

Anyway back to my blog!! When u travel on points u are kinda limited on flights u can catch! They only set aside so many seats on a flt for air miles passengers! So I had to take a flt from Vancouver – Edmonton – Toronto going east! Then had a direct flt from Toronto back to Vancouver.

The flight I took had a 2 ½ hr stopover in Edmonton. Which was cool with me as I wasn’t in a hurry to get to Toronto! Also I grew up in Edmonton & still have some family there! So my brother said he’d come to the airport & buy me lunch which was cool!

So when I got to the airport to fly out we were told the flight was overbooked! So they offered to give me a direct flt to Toronto! However my brother was going to meet me at the airport in Edmonton and buy me lunch! Hell a free lunch is worth the price of a stopover there for a couple hrs & then flying to Toronto later, lo,l. Then after I said no well they announced that they’d give $100 and put anyone on a later flight! Well I spoke to the dude about flying to Edmonton later but there weren’t any more flts to Edmonton that day from Vancouver! What I should have arranged is getting $100, a later flight to Edmonton and catch a flt the next day from Edmonton to Toronto! Cuz was getting to Toronto at midnight anyway so could have stayed overnight in Edmonton so wouldn’t have to sleep at the Toronto airport! Not that I’m opposed to sleeping at airports but would have made $100! Shit must have been a sleep at the wheel cuz usually would have been all over it! Do as they say “ You Snooze you Lose”!

I was planning to couch surf with this dude in Toronto on Friday night! The guy was so nice that he offered to pick me up from the airport at midnight on Thur & let me stay Thur as well! It was a great offer but the dude would have had to drive about 30 km each way. So I thanked him but no thanks as it was way too out of his way!
So the night spent in Toronto Pearson Int’l airport was great! Always look for a place to sleep in the Departure lounge! But it appeared all the seats had individual are rests – those are crappy as can’t stretch out to sleep! So asked one of the cleaning ladies if there were any seats with no arm rests! Then got pointed to some in the back area so headed there to catch some zzzzzz’s! So got a fairly good night’s sleep as the cleaning people didn’t bother me! What did wake me up were all the people lining up to get to check in on some early flight! So usually when u sleep at an airport that’s usually an indication it’s time get up & get on with your day!!!!

Well knew that Pearson airport isn’t on a direct subway line to downtown Toronto! So had to catch a city bus to the start of the subway line at Kipling station! Then I board the subway to go down on the Bloor line! But Farzad who was hosting me that Fri evening told me how to get to his place! He was starting work at noon till 11 pm as he worked for CTV as a producer of a the news on the network! But shit I was running late as slept in late at the airport if u can believe that!!! So I texted him to tell him was running late and he was understanding! Anyway met up with him as he was walking his dog a massive loveable Rottwiller or something! So he gave me a key to his place and ran off to work!

I didn’t want to sleep ot hang out at his apartment so I walked downtown which is about 3 km or so! I met up with my sister after work and went for a bite to eat! Then I walked back to Farzad’s apartment around 11 pm!

The next day was Sat so moved out of my Couch Surfing host’s place! Met up with my sister and son in the afternoon and headed to an Irish pub for a bite to eat! Then checked out this hostel where I would be staying! The Toronto International Film festival was going on so it was very busy! Not that the festivals goers and myself traveled in the same crowd!!

But we did head to Yorkville area which is a bit upscale for us! But we were up in the area so wanted to grab some real nice Indian food at this Mom & Pop restaurant which was reasonably priced! Then my sister left and my son and I were walking thru a park! So we stopped and did a bit of 420 (what else) and got wasted! What was cool about this was I had never did any 420 with my son as didn’t know he did it! But it was his weed so who was I to argue or question it as loved to do weed! We had a good time smoking and talking so guess u could say it was like bonding! Then we went back to the Irish Pub and had a night cap beer! Must say really enjoyed hanging out having a smoke and beer with my son as I’m not a judgmental person as am very open minded!

The next day my sister, daughter, son and I met up to hang out! It was cool to hang out with them and made the day for me!

Spent a few more days in Toronto hanging with my sister and daughter! Then she left Toronto to return to Abu Dhabi! My sister went to California on a week mediation retreat. My son returned to his army base not far from Toronto! While I got a rideshare to Montreal to visit my good friend Thomas! He is originally from Paris but we met traveling in Ecuador & trvaled to Peru for 3 weeks a couple years ago! Then he moved to Quebec City so I went to visit him in 2010! He was going to return to Paris so I told him he should see Vancouver (my home town) while he was in Canada! So he came out to visit me for 10 days & ended up staying for 2 ½ months! We had an awesome time hanging out He is a video game producer (project manager) so he tried to score a job in Vancouver as there are a lot of videop game companies there! But in 2 ½ months he wasn’t successful! Tho in all fairness don’t think he put in too much effort as we were just hanging out partying and having a good time! He had a return plane ticket to Quebec City & then another one onward to Paris! But he kept changing it so the 10 day visit stretched into the 2 ½ months! It was funny on one of the times he went to change his departure date! He called the airlines to change his departure date and said ‘Can I change my departure date tomorrow?” :The airlines told him “You can’t change the departure date from tomorrow! : So he said “Whynot?” The airlines told him “ The flight was yesterday!!!” Duh that was crazy but the dude some how got the airlines to change the departure date to another date even tho the departure date was past!! Don’t know how he did it but probably was his lucky day!!

So anyway he got a job working in Montreal for Electronic Arts a world famous video game producer! So got to Montreal and met up with him after work on a Fri! I found out he plays hard but also works hard! He usually works from 9 am to about 7 pm as he has a very responsible position! He isn’t a techie but is the producer / project manager! He has a great personality and gets a long great with people! So the members of his team all like him and work hard to get the work done!
Thomas had another friend Fabien from France visiting him from Boston where he worked as a graphic arts designer! I had met Fabien and his friend Simon in Vancouver when they were on a road trip across the US! They stopped in Vancouver to visit Thomas & I met and partied with them!

So it was like old home week when we hung out in Montreal! We checked out the bar scene and had a great time! I notice that the people in Montreal really like to drink, a lot more than in Vancouver! Hell in Vancouver we like to drink but we’re more into 420 or at least both! This sort of what we did all weekend! In Montreal during the summer on Sunday afternoon and evenings they have a Electronic Picnic! It happens on this island in the middle fo the city! They have a couple of DJ’s spinning some cool electronic music! What’s cool is if u bring your own food (it is a picnic) you could also bring your own booze! But if u didn’t bring any food or liquor well u could buy drinks! When I was there they were having the last Electron Picnic of the summer/early fall! So we headed down to check it out!!

Thomas lived in a nice apartment close to downtown in about the Mont Royal area so I could walk downtown! He has 2 roommates who are students originally from France – Yemi & Arthur (not sure of his name as didn’t hang out with him as he had his FG visiting from Paris when I was there)! But hung out a couple times with Yemi as he’s a cool guy! While didn’t get to know Arthur as like I said his GR was visiting him! So can understand cuz she’s an actress in Paris and hot! So if I had a GF visiting well I wouldn’t be hangin out with a douche bag like myself either!

Then when Thomas went to work during the week well I hung out & did whatever on my own! One day I went out to grab a bite to eat & ended hiking up Mont Royal the famous mountain/hill in the center of Montreal! The weather was awesome so the hike was great to do! They have a giant cross on top which can be seen from downtown and other places around Montreal! When I got to the top I checked out the view and saw this dude selling his handicrafts to the people! So had a chat with him and found out he liked to spend his winters in India! So we had something in common as we both liked to travel! So of course one thing led to another and we shared some 420! So got quite wasted and sure he did too cuz the BC I get legally at a Dispensory is pretty wicked! I’m sure when I left he must have probably thought ‘Shit may wonder if the weed was laced with something as it’s really stgonG” But I’d never do anything like that plus if I did I wouldn’t waste it on a complete stranger- well maybe I might except the weed alone is enough without cutting it with something!

I have a friend Alec who I met traveling in Central America as he was riding his motor cycle from Montreal to Buneas Aires! We met and just became good friends as he’s a cool guy who also likes to work hard and travel even harde! Alec’s family emigrated to Canada from Romania! But Alecis all Canadian plus he can speak excellent French and Spanish along with of course English! He’s also a great Salsa dancer and a real ladies man! While I only speak English, don’t dance Salsa and well the opposite of him with the ladies! But hey it’s all good as I don’t sweat the small stuff! So the 2 of us get along like bro’s like Thomas and I!

I felt bad cuz in 2010 when I was doing my cross Canada road trip I didn’t get around to getting a hold of Alec! Well it was actually cuz I was Couch Surfing in Montreal! I got hosted by these 2 guys in Montreal for a couple days! Well the first thing I noticed was they liked to do 420 (again what else?? lol)! So one thing led to another & all we did for 2 days was do 420 and drink beer! So in 2 days we never left their apartment except to buy beer! So feel bad but never got around to contacting Alec!! But promised myself that would get a hold of him on this trip! So we met up a couple o f times for a beer. Wanted Thomas to meet Alec since they both live in Montreal and have a lot in common! They both work in the IT industry, both like to travel, speak Fench and do good with the ladies!

So had a great time in Montreal hanging tith Thomas his friends and Alec! I didn’t stretch my stay in Montreal longer than 1 week! I left Montreal and returned to Toronto to catch my flight back to Vancouver.
Cuz had to get home cuz 10 days after I returned home at the start of Oct I had a flight to Istanbul and to travel for 3 months! 

Here's some pictures of my trip to Toronto 
"Trip to Toronto in Sept 2011 to hang with my daughter & son! "

Here's some pictures of hanging out in Montreal 
"Down to Montreal; Sept 2011 to see good buddies Thomas & Alex!"

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