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Thursday, February 16, 2012

In Abu Dhabi to enjoy the Desert, Mountains & finally the Beach! Jan 2012

Here's some pictures of  "In Abu Dhabi to enjoy the Desert, Mountains & finally the Beach"

In Abu Dhabi to enjoy the Desert, Mountains & finally the Beach to camp in Sultanate of Oman as had to cross the border as like the beach!!!

Yeah it was awesome to head to the mountains, desert and beach to check out Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other Emirates of the United Arab Emirates! But shit somehow we ended up in the Sultanate of Oman to camp on the beach! Was a bit concerned if I went into Oman that wouldn;’t be able to re-enter UAE as didn’t have a multi entry visa for Abu Dhabi / UAE! But after using our most diplomatic Assalamu alaikums and Aleykum selams we made it back into UAE!!!

We found an awesome sight to camp on the beach that it was worth it to go into the Sultanate of Oman to camp!! Probably the only downside were the young Omani’s raising up and down the sand dunes in their 4 wheel drives! They have nothing else to do with their time and they have lots of money to buy the toys!! Too bad they can’t hang out or talk to chicks their aga like guys in the rest of the world!!

On the way back we stopped at a resort for a nice meal! Noticed that there are a lot of Russian tourists at the resort ! Plus was told there are a lot of Russians in UAE (Abu Dhabi & Dubai)!! Dam lately have been running into a few Russians and shit thought I was thru with Russians after meeting up with my crazy Russian friend Olga in Ethiopia! But have to say if all Russians are sweet and nice as Olga I’ll love meeting them!!
Anyway had a good time in the desert, mountains and beach camping!!!

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