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Created this blog to document my travels, experiences & thoughts thru Central & South America but hell plan to blog my travels to where ever. Goofy harmless Free Spirit hoping to spend most of my time with locals & enjoy the world! So hang on as I travel, drink cervezas, raise a little hell, maybe piss off a few people & hopefully not give Canadians a bad reputation! Of course don't do these things on purpose but while having a good time well "Shit Happens"!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Made it to Wilderness in Western Cape which turned out to be my favorite place in SA! The place that hung out - off & on for about 2 months till left S.A. Part of Nov and Dec 2013

Heck Hitch Hiking/Ride sharing is pretty easy & sweet in S Africa at least for guys (take that back my S.A. friend did it too & a chick) as hitched easily to Wilderness!! Cuz fuk South Africa is Not really Africa but more like Europe or shuld say South Germany (cuz fuk so many Germans)!!! So to hitch all U have to do is hold up a 20 or more rand note (depending on how far U want to go) & someone will pick U up along with 2 or 3 others in the vehicle (reminds me of a share taxi) to pay for their petrol!! The peep that pick U are mostly colored or black never white cuz they're scared shitless of peep hitchers! Would have used it more but fuk unfortunately already had bought a Baz Bus (from Durban to Capetown) the no brainer bus transportation!! Yeah South Africa is cool (espec all the South Afrikaans, not the boring travellers) but still enjoy rest of Africa more cuz it has more of a bit of challenge along with lot of possible danger!!! But glad went there cuz met some cool peep especially all the dope smoking Afrikaans LOL


Found out the area around Wilderness was beautiful as was the beach plus the village was also cool!

Stayed at the Beach House Backpackers Guest house as was far enuf away from the actual village by the beach!! Also got a cool bed in the second floor dorm isolated away in the corner of the enclosed balcony area with no beds close by except a couch! This wud basically be my bed/home  on and off for the better part of about 2 months! (more on that later)

Got a bike from the Guesthouse and rode around Wilderness to check out the place as it was cool to be out on my own riding a bike!! There was an outdoor bar at the Guesthouse where met a lot of travellers from all over the world and met this Scottish dude who immigrated to S.A. a dozen years ago who was a bit of a drunk! But found he also liked to enjoy a smoke so went down to this river to smoke and chill in the shade! Also went to the local restuarant drinking establishment in the village Cocomo restuarant as they had live music usually from Thur to Sun evenings! The thing that sucked about S.A. is the law stated that restuarants and pubs had to close by 10 pm!! However the bar in the Beach House Guesthouse for some reason cud stay open till 11 pm so lot of the locals came there to drink after the other bars closed!  so spent a bit of time hanging out there meeting some of the cool travellers (not so much the Baz Bus crowd!!)

But the thing will always remember about Africa was a day at the end of Nov while wandering on the beach (its 5 min from the Guest House where I was staying) when I smelled some delicious smells of curry! So followed the smell and came upon a trailer with a cute brown chick selling some Indian food! In fact met 2 sweet friendly sisters making & selling bunny chow/curry on beach (actually it was mainly only one who did everything as what loved is she gave up her teaching job to cook curry, meet peep & enjoy the freedom that comes with enjoying & living life to max lol)! So hell always gravitate to these kind of fun loving peep to become good friends in a couple days! (I'll call my friend P) Heck U gotta admire someone who gives up their comfortable secure teaching job to cook curry, meet peep & enjoy the freedom that comes with enjoying & living life to max lol! P had her sister helping her temporarily along with this white dude who was mostly fishing as was actually a Paragliding instructor tho never actually see him do it! Anyway went to have some curry & was told the next day was their official opening day! So the next day went there to get curry again and the next day, etc and the rest is history as ended up hanging around even assisting P! 

Guess I assisted P for better part of the next 2 1/2 months and we became close friends! P's story was quite interesting as she had been a high school teacher for 7 yrs but got sick of Johannesburg & wanted to live on the beach doing her own thing! So P moved to Wilderness to live by the beach in a house (off the grid and proud of it) with her widowed mother! P cudn't find a teaching job so since she loves cooking decided to cook & sell curry, samoosas, biriyani, hot dogs, chips, etc from a caravan on the beach. The day met her was actually the first day/time she had ever done it! Since was staying at the Beach House Backpackers Guesthouse on the beach about 5 mins was drawn to the smell of the curry cooking so had to try it rather than shitty hamburgers as dislike them blah! Hell liked the curry so came back the next day & the next as lined up to get some! Bcuz P was very busy so ended up helping her & the rest is history as sort of hung around the beach helping her for a few month! Also got to chill on the beach as met the locals so thoroughly enjoyed myself! LOL 

Hell found we have a lot in common as I'm 3rd gen Canadian born of Japanese descent who doesnt speak Japanese! P's 4th gen South African born of Indian descent who has never been to India but wants to go one day insha'allah only speaks English

However think we became friends bcuz know on my part I had never been friends with some one of Indian descent tho worked and went to school with some! However it was intriguing to meet and have a friend of color! Not just talking about Blacks as think Brown Indian/Pakistani (my personal Fave), Middle Eastern (throw in Turkish as have close gorgeous one), Asian or Mulatto/mixed race have beautiful coloring (more mixed the better as another friend is a mix of Trini/Indian /Hungarian Mix! 

But what I like the best about P is she isn't shallow so is a lot different in thought and life style than Canadian, American & European chicks! Cuz unlike them her entire life is Not made up of looking to meet or wanting 2 meet a HOT guy (or shit wudn't hang out with or care for her)! Found that she's not materialistic, care about money tho loves clothes & shopping at Thrift Shops! 

I learned a lot from P as we discuss many things as found out she really loves South Africa even if old enuf to have lived thru Apartheid as a child in school! S.A. has democracy but still has issues like corruption (so rich get richer & poor are fuked but not much different than here or everywhere as most peep only think of themselves), unemployment (mostly blacks & colors plus lot uneducated), poverty (big diff between whites & others as whites still more successful, rich & the older ones are biggest assholes!), crime  (need 2 be street smart), etc. things we both dislike!.She also notices discrimination  towards females doing business! There are 4 races in SA - black, white "assholes still with a bit of Apartheid mentality", colored "mixed for several hundred years" & brown! There also a small nbr of Chinese just running shops who don't integrate like everywhere. Hell never met any S.A. Japanese like everywhere tho doubt if any cud tell what racial origin I am tho may have stood out like a freak same as in all places lol)

P always reliterated that wants to be part of the solution to improve things and not bail on her country for an easy life elsewhere and is not into money similar to me! So we kinda think alike in many things as tried to assist P 2 improve sum things in small ways!                                           

Anyway hung around in Wilderness assisting P in her business! We became close friends as had never met a cool South African chick of Indian ancestory (had never had an Indian friend as most in Canada hung out with mainly other Indians)! Hell sure P probably had never met a Canadian of Japanese ancestory either so shit we made an odd looking pair!  Cuz shit I look odd enuf on my own!!! LOL But wtf had read somewhere "That Looks are Skin Deep while Ugliness is right to the Bone!" 

Then in the first week of Dec 5 - 9 I had applied to volunteer at the Vortex Music Festival in Capetown as my SA / Canadian neighbor / friend who lived across the street from in Vancouver talked me into volunteering! The last evening before I left there P, her sister and myself hung out, drank beer, smoked a doobie & played some pool the last night (before heading to my volunteering gig at Vortex) as thoroughly enjoy & value these kind of friendships!!

Will miss the 2 sisters & others met in the tiny village of Wilderness on the coast of S. Africa! Which is why I realized then that would probably return to Wilderness for some more enjoyment in the chilled area there as I hang out there with my new friends!!!

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