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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What can I say about Puerta Escondido? Where should I start?

Got there at about 7 am after a night ride from Acapulco and ended up staying about a week till we took the Nov 12 evening bus to San Cristobal.

Wow found that the Mayflower hostel that I stayed was a real cool place! Everyone was so friendly and easy to get along with. The first day took it really cool and went for a run down the beach to explore what was what! Then had a couple of beers in the evening and decided to blog in the evening. That was the last time I got a chance to blog as shit happened. There was this German chick Nicola who had the same laptop that I had so we started to chat. She was the nicest girl for a German that I had met. She had class so wasn’t in her league but she was willing to drink so that was cool. Next day met Peter as Polish guy working in Germany so him and I were walking on this beach and saw some guys sitting on this big rock playing a flute. So we sat down and had a beer as the guys were playing at the bar. Then Nicola came by so the 3 of us hung out there and listened to a bunch of Mexican musicans playing in this Beach bar.

It seemed to be a tradition that after we were forced to quiet down at 11 pm that everyone headed to the
bars on the beach. So we’d meet others from the hostel and end up at the Sunset Bar a walk up bar with a sand floor and later to a Club. So that was the start of about 6 days of hanging out with the people from the hostel at the beach during day and night.

Then met up with Jacob (Jake the Snake) from Holland again after meeting him in Acapulco. We ended
up hanging around and drinking a lot. He actually rescued me one night as I had been listening to these Mexican musicans jamming and drinking Mezcal (the worse shit a person can drink as it’s strong like tequila as it’s from the same plant but it’s more like moon shine and can blind u). But no one told me so I ended up drinking some and since I can’t drink much I ended up getting drunker than I have since I was 16 years old. We were at the Sunset Bar and everyone was going to this Club across the road. But they wouldn’t let me in as I guess I was too drunk as I was barfing. Jake was nice enough to get me in a cab (it’s usually walking distance but |I was in no shape) to get me back to the hostel. I threw up in the cab and Jake had to pay 200 P (to clean up the barf) or the taxi driver was going to drop us off. So I can guarantee that will be the last time I drink Mezcal!

The next night Jake got really drunk on beer as he can easily drink 15 beers We were at the Sunset Bar (as usual) and I was going to look after him but he disappeared when I wasn’t looking. Glen this Aussie guy also got really drunk so helped him back to the hostel along the beach as he was barfing as he went. Of course he was also drinking Mezcal cuz it’s given to people free at the Sunset Bar. So Glen would go to a Club nearby and run back to the Sunset Bar to get free Mezcal.

Of course don’t get the impression that all we did was drink and party. Everyone did go to the beach during day, play volleyball or went for a run like me. I ran up the beach about 2 miles in the hot sun.
Then there was also a Surfing Competition there cuz the beaches are probably the best for surfing in Mexico. It was odd cuz Nicole this American girl from New York lost her ATM card in Oaxaca and was running out of cash. So she said that we could go into partnership as I could make some stove top cookies and she’d sell them on the beach to have enough money to hang around while waiting for a new ATM card to arrive. But she had a real sweet tooth and ate most of the cookies. Then the funny thing is after we left there they had a bikini contest and she got talked into entering and she won a $1000. So will have to email her to tell her that I thought we were partners and I should get half the earnings or at least an autographed pic of her when she won!
Yeah Jake, these 2 Aussies Glen and Lloyd and I left Puerta Escondido on a night bus to San Cristobal. We were all afraid if we didn’t leave we’d be stuck there for a month! But hey met some cool fun people there as all they did was party at the Mayflower Hostel!

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