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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A quick trip to Palenque to see one of the most important Mayan Ruins in the friggin pouring rain.

I was excited to go and see more ruins cuz I’ve seen some before. But thought I should do something touristy. So went with Jake as he wanted to see them. We met up with La Presidente and Gypsy the 2 Soleneian chicks from the Backpacker hostel.

So the 4 of us ended up staying at this village (as they call it cuz it’s in a jungle) where we got our own rooms. It sounds like a nice room but the rooms were early dumpy. But what do u expect for $10 // night
La Presidente and Gypsy had a kitchen and living room with no furniture. They also had the uglist colored bath tub I’ve ever seen it was blue. Why they put a bathtub in there at all is strange. Like who would bath in that dump. But the rooms had hot water in the showers so that was great. It wasn’t cold in Palenque but it was really pissing rain all night.

We had an awesome dinner at the resturant and proceeded to drink for a few hours. There was a live band and dancing but the atmosphere reminded me of a bar at a resort. There were a bunch of Italian tourists there who were out dancing the latino type dances. But the music and atmosphere did nothing for me! There was this overweight drunk Italian girl who kept asking Jake to dance. He kept refusing but it made for a great laugh as she was really drunk and out dancing. Glad it wasn’t me she asked as really didn’t care for the music or the atmosphere. But hey it was the only game in town so we drank there.

Shit it poured like hell all night and we had a tin roof so it was super noisy! Then we slept in till 1130 so we missed check out so had to pay for another night. I didn’t really want to see the ruins and especially in the rain. But we decided to go anyway and leave that night at 11 pm to return to San Cristobal and forfeit our $10 room cus we’d be sleeping on the bus.

We couldn’t find La Presidente and Gypsy as they checked out and maybe left town cuz of the rain. But we bit the bullet and went to Ruins even if I didn’t want to see them. Shit we got there in the pouring rain and like it was raining so hard that water was pouring down the steps in the ruins like a waterfall. Here’s Jake in
flip flops and me in shorts and t-shirt. So we decided to buy a plastic cape to protect our packs which had our camera and my computer. Now why I was carrying my computer puzzles me but lately everything I’ve done puzzles me!

The Ruins were just that Ruins and it was good to my first tourist thing in Mexico so felt the pressure off me that I was leaving Mexico in a day and hadn’t done one tourist thing in a month. Oh well it’s the people in a country and the ppl I meet travelling the reasons that I travel. It’s not to see all the ruins, churches and museums as u see one u’ve seen them all!

So we said piss on Palenque we can’t handle another night even if we paid for the room. So we decided to take the 11 PM bus to get us back to San Cristobal at 6 am cuz we thought the bus would take 7 hrs to get back there as it took to get to Palenque. Unfortunately our trip back took only 5 hrs so we got back at 4 am.
Lucky Jake woke up to notice we were back at San Cristobal or we’d still be on the bus to where ever it went next.

Well did my one touristy thing in Mexico so it was time to get out of Dodge!

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