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Sunday, December 28, 2008

I can just picture Volcano Boarding as the next great Olympic sport!

But the question would it be in Summer or Winter Games? But what I do know is I wouldn't make the nation team no matter what games. When I did the Volcano Boarding I busted out of the gate like gang busters but then busted by using my theory of thinking Speed not Style while my friend Sara kept a steady careful speed and beat me- Rats!

So the only action in Leon is going Volcano Boarding as setup by the Bigfoot Hostel. We climbed 45 min to the crater carrying our boards. And that's exactly what they were Wood!

The last time this volcano erupted was in 1999. But we could still see and smell the sulfur and other chemicals from underground. The ashes close to the crater were stiquite warm

So we got some tips on what to do and not to do then we were set. It was sort of setup so 2 ppl took at the same time.

We were told if we wanted to slow down our speed to drag our
heels in the ashes. But when speed is picked up there is a tendancy to accidently turn around. But these girls who did it used the correct techniques like the person instructing us told us While the guys just barrel out ready to set new speed records.

We had coveralls so it was quite safe and no one gets hurt. However if someone places their hand on the ground/ash or do a flip then all bets are off and the person is going to hurt. Tell me about cuz I ended up with a big scratch on my head. But the only thing hurt was my pride! Tho who really cared?

We went down the outside of the crater which is made up of ashes. So we took off down a 46 degree slope, then levelled off and then went down a 40 degree slope so we should be flying. The guy with the radar guy measured our speed as we came over the rise on the 40 degrees. So I made a mistake and so I got measured slow. But I still wouldn't have done it that fast anyway. But who cares as it was all good fun.

Plus this led into a fun time at the bar talking about it as usual!

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