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Created this blog to document my travels, experiences & thoughts thru Central & South America but hell plan to blog my travels to where ever. Goofy harmless Free Spirit hoping to spend most of my time with locals & enjoy the world! So hang on as I travel, drink cervezas, raise a little hell, maybe piss off a few people & hopefully not give Canadians a bad reputation! Of course don't do these things on purpose but while having a good time well "Shit Happens"!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Yeah so flew to Singapore 2 stay at Club Changi cuz Tiger Airlines flew there on way to & from Philippines as was really stoked about checking out the 90 year young lady (Fang-Od) who does tribal tattoos!

Hell know this sounds weird but was looking forward to staying at the Singapore Changi airport (aka Club Changi) is listed in top 10 of Airports to Sleep in! has a swimming pool for guests and places to sleep and chill! Fuk Singapore city is a real shit hole & anyway had to stay in the airport (won't go out of security) from 12 noon Mar 5 till 1030 am next day to fly to Philippines!
My plan (as if had one) was to fly to Clark Field by Manila and then go up to the northern part of Philippines to check out the cool Rice Terraces in the mtns that been there for 100 of yrs! Would be cool to see them harvest rice like they have for 100's of years! Then hell met a Filippino guy who told me that if going to northern Philippines that should check out this 90 year young lady (Fang-Od) who does tribal tattoos! Telling U all this maybe a bit premature as could show this video of her in my Philippine's blog but wtf may show it there too!! Lol

So yeah was going to check it out as she does this manually with a bamboo stick! Hell going to get one cuz it would be memorable!

So after going to the Northern Philippines still hadn’t decided where I’d go next as may even head down to Palowan & can fly to Puerto Princessa as want to check out El Nido a small village which is suppose to be cool & has a nice beach like all of Philippines! Also the Filippino dude told me can get weed in the north & on Palowan as U just have to ask the right peep! LOL

Shit was thinking of maybe try to to the south where the Muslim terrorists hang out to catch a boat to Borneo/Malaysia! Then will prob just fly to Borneo instead as unsure of Philippino ferries!

But shit don’t want to get ahead of myself cuz hadn’t even gotten to the Philippines! Cuz fuk still had to stay at Club Changi in Singapore! So yeah got on the flight on the 1st leg of the Tiger Airlines to Singapore and the 2nd leg to Clark Field outside of Manila Philippines!

But left again with mixed emotions cuz was suppose to meet J as we both had ticket on the flight! But J had emailed to say that got sick and would try to get on the flight if feeling better! But as kinda figured hell J prob didn’t bail as was still sick so didn’t show up at the airport so there went $300 for the ticket! Cuz couldn’t change it as no way to contact Tiger Airways to change it! J told me that would come to Philippines later but yeah would believe it when & if see it! Cuz J accidently left some shit on the computer I was carrying on the trip which came across!

“i had a ticket already paid to go to phillipines but just said fuck it”! F*ck talk about being surprised and hurt as oblviously didn’t give a fuk if it bothered me or why leave the file on my computer?? Yeah not really sure believe in Karma but wonder if this is kind of Karma but one day it may come back to bite U insha’allah!!!!

But hell figure life is beautiful so like why lose sleep over it now or get all shitty and pissed about life cuz well a lot of peep start out on a trip together and then find out that they have diff interests and enjoyments they want to explore! So it may appear that the other person is acting like a jerk but in reality they are just doing what they want to do which is cool! It’s just too bad that we didn’t communicate very well also shit if had to do that trip again well shit would have got Sim Cards for our phones there so could keep in touch better & not create a lot of problems that communications would have solved! Cuz feel that J’s an awesome person as hell a lot of the blame for our misunderstandings was my fault! But wtf shit happens so now who gives a fuk (which has been the basis of our friendship) as we all live and learn from it! Sorry to blog about it but shit just telling it like it happened like always do as usually just blog about the Philippines, Borneo, mainland Malaysia & Tonsai in southern Thailand where felt carefree as thoroughly enjoyed myself !!

So decided wouldn’t waste any more time thinking about why, if & whatever happened cuz shit its all water under the bridge now! Cuz in reality thought hell was free to travel, meet peep to do crazy shit & enjoy myself like I always do when on the road! So figure why waste time worrying about the negative downers but get on to what is important in my Life - be Happy and meet any adventure head on as learned a lot from all this!!

One thing I did learn is IF U GO TO THE PHILIPPINES U should buy a return ticket!!!! Cuz when I arrived in Singapore Changi airport we have to first go to the counter in the Transit Lounge!

So found out that shit when U go to the Philippines U needed a return ticket!! Now can understand why Canadians should maybe be required to have a return ticket to get in and out of the Philippines cuz some may actually stay beyond their allotted time limit! But take a country like Mauratiana cuz why the heck would peep require a return ticket if one flew there (OK so no one would fly there cuz it’s a land lock country in Western Aftica) cuz it’s the biggest shit hole ever been to in the world! So can’t figure out why anyone would ever think of staying there so yeah they’d want a return ticket cuz who in their right mind would stay there! Shit was just passing thru the country to get from Morocco to Senegal and needed to pay to get a Vias!! But no one in their right mind would go there to Mauritania & want to stay unless they’re Terrorists LOL as it’s the biggest shit hole ever been to in the world!                 

Anyway back to my blog cuz when I was told needed to get a return ticket to Philippines or couldn’t stay overnight in the transit lounge! Well got on the internet and bought a one way return ticket back from Manila to Singapore at a higher price than buying a Return Ticket from Phnom Penh!!!

Then after bought my return ticket from Philippines well was able to stay in the Transit Lounge and spend the night! I don’t know what the heck they’d have done to me if I said I couldn’t afford a return ticket to the Philippines??? Yeah know they wouldn’t let me fly there but what would they do make me leave Club Changi or go back to Phnom Penh?? Just a thought!!

So anyway I had a look see about the facilities they bragged about on their website! What I found out is if U have a ticket to fly on Singapore Airlines then U get the perks! But if U fly on a shitty discount airlines like Tiger Airways well it’s like staying in any other airport!! What I found was there was a nice business lounge area to chill, have free drinks, use the internet if U’r a Singapore Airlines pax! Hell there’s a type of small airport hotel rooms for pax which of course low life peep like me can pay to stay! But hell if was going to pay as could sleep on one of their reclined chairs in a number of areas around the terminal! Btw they have about 3 or 4 terminals all connected by a mono rail type train!! There was also a games area where peep can play video games, watch videos or movies! Also a eating lounge but shit there were all kinds of eating areas for all pax!

Shit I saw a duty free electronic shop so checked it out & saw a water proof camera which interested me cuz had lost my camera in a river when hiking in the hill tribe area of Thailand!! But just checked the prices and kept that in mind! So anyway checked around cuz wanted to get something to eat but seemed all the places were like e$pen$ive! But found a couple of cheap Asian quick food kiosks so got myself some noodles as it was getting fairly late and wanted to crash!

So headed for this area that passed when got off my Phnom Penh flight! There were a lot of other pax already sleeping on the various reclined chairs when a person could pretty much stretch out and get a fairly good night’s sleep! So found a reclining chair off in a bit of a corner for less traffic! Then got my sleeping bag out cuz hey didn’t have a blanket! So brushed my teeth and went to the bathroom and went back to crash for the duration!

Then got fairly comfortable and fell asleep but wtf about 4 am some security guards came by and woke us up to ask for our passports and tickets! But thought shit man yeah I snuck into the airport just to sleep U douchebags that wake a guy up from a deep sleep to ask for ID!! Duh so after that well wasn’t as easy to sleep but still wtf a free night’s sleep is still a free night’s sleep! LOL

In the morning I went down to the lounge area to take a shower and clean up to wake up! So all that was cool as then went to get more Chinese food for breakfast???

Anyway had a good night’s sleep and even tho it was the best airport to sleep but it seemed to cater to peep sleeping there but have to say that think Singapore prides it’s self as an upscale type of airport and country! Cuz feel money talks for Chinese which Singapore is about! So WTF what was a poor smuck like moi doing in Singapore but bumming a ride on to the Philippines! But thought knowing this place well would help cuz would be back staying there on the way back from the Philippines!!!!

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