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Created this blog to document my travels, experiences & thoughts thru Central & South America but hell plan to blog my travels to where ever. Goofy harmless Free Spirit hoping to spend most of my time with locals & enjoy the world! So hang on as I travel, drink cervezas, raise a little hell, maybe piss off a few people & hopefully not give Canadians a bad reputation! Of course don't do these things on purpose but while having a good time well "Shit Happens"!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hell Cambodia has changed from was there 4 yrs b4 & not for the better cuz now it sucks as sorry went there again as it ruined the memories I had of the cool fun country that now turned into a shitty touristy shit hole!!

So anyway at least was able to make it to the boat in morning to leave! But wtf did have such an awesome time on Don Det that won’t ever forget  my time there for a couple reasons! One being the island is so dammed chill as really chilled there for about 2 weeks (would have stayed longer but had booked a flt out of Phnom Penh soon)! The other reason being that shit I started the trip with a person who thought was an close friend as we hung out all the time in Vancouver which was why invited J on the trip! But after waiting for J in Don Det well still left by myself as missed the boat off the island (my fault)!

While on the bus well met a few peep like a Philippino dude and chick who told me about this 93 year young woman who is a member of these Head Hunters Tribe in northern Philippines as she’s a tattoo artist! So I was pumped cuz like to get tats expecially if they have some meaning and also when travel to cool places which are where got most of my Tats cuz also a lot cheaper than paying $150/hr like in Canada! But all l he could tell me was what he thought was this woman’s name as she lived in Northern Philipines so had to google it to find out her name and approx where she lived so could find her! But think that finding the woman in the mtns of northern Philippines made the experience a real Adventure that I thrive on while traveling which is why found Thailand, Laos and Cambodia so bland and boring!

Also met a Polish guy & chick plus a chick from Latvia but unfortunately can’t remember their names or much about them except they were nice & fun to hang out with! So we met up in Phnom Penh and hung out a couple times LOL!

Other than that the boat & bus trip to Cambodia and the capital city Phnom Penh was uneventful as was totally tired so just chilled, listened to music and slept! Cambodia has a population of about 13.4 million inhabitants. Capital city is Phnom Penh. Spoken language is Khmer. Cambodia was officially called the Khmer Republic (1970–75) and Kampuchea (1976–89).

When we got to Phnom Penh the Latvian chick had a room reserved in some guesthouse a bit away from the shitty downtown river side bar area as she was smart! So we all made plans to meet the next night for a bite to eat and drinks! The Polish couple wanted to get a place downtown by the hooker river side area not that they wanted action lol but cuz that’s where the cheapest places could be found! While I wanted to stay around the lake side area where stayed b4 as there were a lot of guesthouses, restuarants and bars around the area so felt like we were out of the city! LOL Since it was about 9 pm well most guesthouses were already full so we had a hard time finding a room! I finally found a dorm in a guesthouse to crash for the night & then would go to the Lakeside the next day to find a better place!

So after finding a room well met up with the couple for something to eat! But it was hard to make arrangements cuz none of us had phones that worked! Wish I did but shit didn’t bother to get a Sim Card for my phone until got to the Philippines!! So we walked around looking for a good cheap place to eat & ran into the Filipino guy and chick on our travels so said hi but were staying in a guesthouse that had no room! But got the Filippino dude’s email address cuz shit like Filippinos as most are so nice & friendly!!!!

The next day went to the Lake Side area but was I ever disappointed cuz they covered up the lake and torn down the guesthouses, restaurants and bars! Couldn’t understand why they had to cover the lake and ripped down all the guesthouses which  really turned me off Phnom Penh & probably Cambodia which seemed to change most places with all the new development that turned a cool place to shit holes! Think most peep go to Cambodia to just see Siem Reap & check out Ankor Wat but shit bin dar dun dat that gig on my last trip! So tho it’s awesome well it wasn’t that great so couldn’t be bothered to see it again cuz touristy sites maybe OK for 1 visit not multiple ones especially for a non tourist idiot like me!!

So I thought hell could maybe would go & check out Kampot by Shirnoville ! But hell wouldn’t go to Shrinoville as heard it was very touristy and lots of unfriendly Russians! Plus like mentioned earlier wouldn’t go check out Siem Reap again cuz all think all that’s was there was Ankor Wat & it’s not that great that would go see it again!

But actually was waiting to catch my flight as had to meet up with J again for our flight! But hell could have got off my ass well could have gone to Siem Reap (but actually didn’t really know J was there as didn’t check my emails too much cuz thought had plans to meet to catch our flt to Philippines anyways!) to meet up but hell actually never really thought of it so was kind of my fault that we never met and traveled again on that trip! But thought may head to Kampot for 3 days until Mar 3 then return to Phnom Penh to catch flight on Mar 5 when catch flight to Philippines!

So thought hell would be cool to just find a chill place as didn’t want a lot of peep drinking and partying loudly after hanging out chilling in Don Det for 2 weeks! So found the Europe Guesthouse owned by a friendly Chinese dude as found out could get a room on the roof which was chill and quiet! It had 3 or 4 fans (can’t find a room with A/C on my budget) so even tho it was a bit more than wanted to pay but wtf didn’t mind as had the privacy to smoke plus it had a big ass TV so thought could actually chill during the heat of day smoking and watching English movies which would be a treat! Then in the evenings I’d go out to enjoy the fresh air and socialize which is what I really enjoy while traveling especially as was on my own! Then thought shit it was cool there so why not stay for a week or so (with a short break to go to Kampot) until I met up with J and we caught a flight to the Philippines!

But have to say hanging out in that chill roof top room in the European Guest house was what the doctor ordered after getting used to the chilling 2 weeks spent in Don Det just smoking and chilling! So would sleep in every morning then would wake and bake and spend the early afternoon watching a movie or whatever! Usually had some chips or whatever to eat while in room cuz too lazy to walk down & back up 5 flrs to get some thing to eat LOL!! Then about 4 to 5 pm would get some thing to eat and either walk on the walk way along the river as also did it a couple times a day! The only thing that sucked about the place was it was in the middle of the sketchy bars and strip joints in Phnom Penh! Also late in the evenings if had no plans well would smoke up, take my music and walk for a couple hrs or so! My fave trip was checking out  the Dairy Queen to have an awesome soft ice cream cone cuz really enjoyed them after a smoke! Also would sit on one of the benches, chill & watched the peep buying shit from the street carts and a few times would have a smoke by the river!!!

But most evenings would meet up with some peep & do things! I checked out the CSing community in Phnom Penh! One night a bunch of CSers were going to check out this Gypsy singer from some place in Europe! So decided hell would walk there as couldn’t be too far but it took me a hr to find the place! Met a few other CSers there and enjoyed the then went for a bite to eat at some sleezy out door resturant tho didn’t eat cuz too e$pen$ive but went on the back of a person’s motorbike to a cheaper outdoor eating joint! 

Then met a chick who was there on a work gig & lived in Phnom Penh & had an actual apt and life there! So got invited to this Live music workshop by her place so again I walked there and again got lost LOL But thought shit getting there or lost is ½ the fun! It was kind of cool to meet a bunch of diff peep than just a bunch of the 20 yr old first time traveling backpackers who all they did was get shit faced drunk all the time! This workshop theater had some good food, cool peep & music! Then while there met a Canadian couple also from Vancouver (tho didn’t reminisce about Van) who had sold all their things and hit the road! But being cautious they also got jobs as journalist writing articles for a paper or some thing! They were nice and easy to get along with cuz of course they were Canadians and chill! So we smoked some weed together there cuz didn’t want to spend tons of $ on drinks! Then the next night the Canadian couple and couple others invited me to get together with them for Indian food at this cool Indian rest so again I walked! So guess was getting my exercise  and anyway it was cooler in the evening!

Guess ended up actually enjoying myself day and night so thought wtf why bother going to Kampot cuz too much hassle and also wasn’t very impressed with this much of Cambodia after the filled in Lake on this trip! So thought shit will just hang out chilling until the day when could leave Phnom Penh for Philippines! Anyway figured if  U see one beach U seen them all anyway!

So about a day or so b4 was going to leave well J emailed me about being sick and not sure if could make the flight!!!
“.i am in siem reap, but i got sick from Max the vancouver guy who was sharing my guesthouse, the young kid had a fever and diarrehea and the last 24 hours i have been sick and i am afraid that I can not make it, can u change the flight ticket..sometimes power goes out--i am in my room and going in and out of sleep--i am going to give my computer to the guy here to watch for your message and come and wake me up--anyway can you get a refund?” & then
“i might be able to make it, i havent gone to the bathroom in 2 hrs..”
Wow that sure sounded like a Croc of …. as say that now after seeing a file that J left on my computer!! But wtf didn’t mind cuz well it was J’s trip too and if that’s what J wanted to do whatever well who was I to say!!

But hell would have appreciated the truth and just tell me not interested in going cuz having an awesome time in Siem Reap instead of making up what sounded like a story & lie cuz dislike being conned with a lie!!

But in hindsight well think it may have been for the best cuz thoroughly enjoyed going to Philippines and the rest of the trip by myself! Maybe cuz don’t have to discuss what planned to do so could do whatever at a moments notice cuz everyone has things they want to do when traveling!  

Anyways waited at the airport the next morning just in case it wasn’t all BS but the Check In Closed at 830 am and there wasn’t any time left and no J! So got on the flight to Singapore to go to Philippines cuz Tiger Airlines goes thru Singapore as had to stay overnight in Singapore and go to Philippines the next day!

BTW again didn’t take any pics with my camera cuz well kinda forgot that had one that worked plus wtf didn’t see anything worth taking a pic! Also had been to Cambodia and Phnom Penh b4 when really enjoyed myself but this trip to Cambodia and Phnom Penh sucked and disliked the place with more tourists, expensive, more rules so now was boring cuz lost the danger and excitement there! In it’s place there were a lot of hookers and strip joints which to me suck!!! So all can say about Cambodia is it really sucks espec Phnom Penh as sure Siem Reap has prob changed too but hopefully not for the worse cuz seems more $ and tourists usually fuck up a place for someone like moi who likes excitement, adventure and a touch of danger without being that dangerous if U know what I mean! LOL

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