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Created this blog to document my travels, experiences & thoughts thru Central & South America but hell plan to blog my travels to where ever. Goofy harmless Free Spirit hoping to spend most of my time with locals & enjoy the world! So hang on as I travel, drink cervezas, raise a little hell, maybe piss off a few people & hopefully not give Canadians a bad reputation! Of course don't do these things on purpose but while having a good time well "Shit Happens"!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Well so back to mainland Malaysia for about the 3rd visit for moi!

So my flight from Kuching took me back to Kaula Lumpur (K.L. or KL) as I had scored 2 Couchsurfing peep (1st was Michael) to host me for a couple nights each! But fuk when got to KL couldn’t believe how humid and hot it was there!!! Hell been to KL b4 but it wasn’t this hot or humid as shit it was really bad as never felt this humidity in Bangkok, Manila, Laos, Cambodia or Borneo! Fuk I had never experienced humidity like did in KL except maybe the first time went to Bali from Perth when got off the plane drunk!!!

I had been to KL before a couple of times but always thought it was an OK place but this time couldn't wait to get out as thought it was so friggin humid & hot that thought boy is it a shit hole!

But fuk at least the LRT/metro was cool / air cond as took a bus to downtown and ended up within a short walking distance to the LRT as KL is also planning a subway! Oh in case haven’t mentioned it b4 I think Malaysia is doing pretty dam good financially!

So I found that the CSing host of mine lived aways out of the city like the burbs but luckily could get out there on 3 LRT trains or 1 ½ hrs insha’allah!! Btw in case U didn’t know Malaysia is Muslim even tho they’re gotten a bit more conservative hell the muslim influence isn’t that noticeable!

Hell when I got out of the LRT station was a bit discombobulated as tried to figure just where Michael told me they lived cuz said was a short walk to his apt! But shit didn’t have a clue which direction to go so shit had to phone Michael for directions!

So hell being confused and kind lost got me thinking of an April Fool’s joke cuz it was the night b4 April 1! So I posted on FB like most peep are fuking annoying to others!

F*ck the worst nightmare that could happen to a traveler happened to me! Should I go to the Police or my Embassy as don’t know what to do??? Shit was on my way to a CSer home to be hosted! But f*ck ended up getting lost in a sketchy part of K.L. So asked a couple of guys standing around if they could tell me where I could grab a bus? Well the one dude says oh hell U should catch the LRT (light rapid transit) as it will take U to places quicker & there’s a station couple blocks away! Hell we’ll take U there so like an idiot well I follow them cuz it all sounded pretty kosher to me! But f*ck as soon as we go into this dark street well these 3 guys jump me trying to grab my bag! Well they took me by surprise as they put the boots to me so guess fell unconscious & when I awoke f*ck it was April 1 & April Fools!

But fuk a lot of my friends thought that this actually happened as they were really worried so had to write and explain that was only an April’s Food Joke!! LOL

So anyway Michael, my CSing host, was a Kenyan dude who stayed on in KL after he graduated from university! He had 3 roommates who were also either from Kenya or Ghana and they had all kinds of friends dropping by all the time! Hell they were all friendly and hospitable as was first time been CS hosted by an African cuz well only place CS’ed in Africa was in Ethiopia which is another story in my travel blog! LOL

Hell this trip made me think fuk KL is a real shit hole & will never come back mainly due to the humidity cuz it was very modern city now! Fuk it was so dammed humid as I can stomach heat but NOT humidity! So I thought fuk no way going to the 2nd of my 2 CSing hosts cuz when I checked where it was hell it was still further out of the city and would need to take another 2 train legs!! But hell would have gone if wasn’t so humid so thought hell I'd stayed with Michael for 4 days lol as didn’t go outside except to the next bldg (the Apt complex Michael lived is about 6 apt bldg’s as most were or had been students & most peep were peep from foreign countries) as had a restaurant so ate there! But I emailed the 2nd CS host to apologize and explain that hadn’t heard from him with his number, etc. so used it as the excuse even tho it wasn't true!!

So the day I left KL I took the LRT to the bus station to places outside of KL cuz had decided to go Cameron Highlands http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cameron_Highlands
which is an area sort of north east up in the hills as name describes! It is one of Malaysias most extensive hill stations. The size of Singapore, it occupies an area of 712 square kilometres (275 sq mi) in the Titiwangsa Mountains. Hell it was about 20 degrees cooler and a 100 per cent less humidity than KL!

I got dropped off at Tanah Rata the main town in the Cameron Highlands! I got a 20 rm / $7 CAD room which was for a single room about the size of most peep’s bathroom in Canada! Tanah Rata was a quiet little town/village with some tourists who seemed to all be going on tours to tea plantations or whatever as don’t do tours myself which made me occupy my time on my own! So I did some trekking around to water falls, etc. but not to tea plantations plus after seeing all the awesome treks thru the jungle and hiking Mt Kinabalu hell figured don’t have to do strenuous treks here!!

One thing I found is a lot of awesome Roti Canai & other Indian food along with some delicious Chinese food but shit would prefer to have Indian over Chinese!

But shit a person can only stick around a town to eat for 2 days and then it was time to leave Dodge (my saying for leaving a town)! Well had talked to this old Chinese dude at the bus station and he told me there was a bus that would take me to this town Gua Musang about 2 hrs away where I could catch a jungle train which sounded cool to take me to the east coast (where I wanted to go) to Kota Baharu a city in the far north eastern corner of mainland Malaysia!! So I stayed at Denai Lodge a cheap chill place for a day to find an island to chill for a few days and the closest and one most peep advised were the Perhentian Islands

So caught a bus and boat to get to these islands where was told the South beach island was chill and cheap! However fuk when got to the island shit there were no accommodations available! So went to this other island but shit that island was dam expensive! So I thought I’m leaving this joint so waited for a boat to take me back to the main land! While waiting I started talking to a couple of Malaysians who were on the island to do some repairs! They told me if I wanted a cheap good island where the locals stayed they told me that most Malaysians go to Pulau Panghor! But unfortunately the island was on the west coast so I figured fuk why not go cuz there were no places to stay on this expensive island!
When got back to the mainland & went back to Kota Baharu where I stayed b4 as found there was an overnight bus direct to Lumat a small town on the west coast! Where after getting to Lumat had to wait a hr to catch a 30 min ferry to Pulau Panghor! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pangkor_Island

Found that Pulau Panghor was mostly an island(s) where the locals actually lived and worked plus Malaysians came for weekends and vacations! Found a cool little place sort of like a reggae type chil place close to nature and far away from the main ferry docks and shopping area that most peep stay when they arrive on the island!

So spent my time going to the beach to chill on a hammock or at the guesthouse! Then met this cool Malaysian Indian dude who lived in Europe for a few years and had just moved back a couple years b4! He had built a house in the jungle and I ended up hanging out with him in the jungle for a few days as we smoked weed and chilled!

Then it was time to leave Dodge (again) to start heading back to Thailand and Bangkok for my flight home in 2 ½ weeks!

When I left Pulau Pangkor had to get up at 5:30 am to get to the first ferry back to the mainland! Then caught a bus to Butterworth a bigger town which is a major transportation hub where I was able to catch a bus to Hat Yai a border town on the Thailand side of the border!

An odd thing that happened is when got to Hat Yai just 2 of us got off the bus as the bus continued some place else! Well for some reason the bus driver told the chick who was Thai that got off with me to help me get to Krabi! Hell could get there OK on my own as it was the town in southern Thailand where I catch a ferry to go to Tonsai which was a world renown chilled rock climbing beach town/area!

Well this Thai chick started getting friendly with me as she gave me her phone number and wanted me to go to Chaing Mai with her! Shit was flattered and didn’t want to be a jerk but fuk had no desire to go to Chaing Mai again also wasn’t interested in meeting a chick in my travels! But this chick who separated with in Krabi kept phoning me to join her on a bus out of Krabi to Chaing Mai as I went on to Tonsai to chill !!!

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