Where am I?

Created this blog to document my travels, experiences & thoughts thru Central & South America but hell plan to blog my travels to where ever. Goofy harmless Free Spirit hoping to spend most of my time with locals & enjoy the world! So hang on as I travel, drink cervezas, raise a little hell, maybe piss off a few people & hopefully not give Canadians a bad reputation! Of course don't do these things on purpose but while having a good time well "Shit Happens"!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

OK if u read my blog u do it at your own risk as some stupid things said or what I do so pls don´t judge me harshly!!!

Yeah so when u read about me don´t think I´m a wild idiot tho I am. Also don´t think I told him but he never learns cus actually I don´t but as long as it´s not illegal, immoral or fattening/unhealthy like really why should it matter or anyone really give a f·ck?

Also I may not have time to complete a posting cus hey I am traveling and have better friggin things to do then let u know what´s happening. Cus shit I want to do my thing too!

So pls re check each posting as may complete it but at first I´ll only say where I am and then add to the posting. Cus in that way ppl who are interested in my welfare will know approximately where the hell I am in this crazy world.

Sorry ´don´t mean to be this way but it takes time to blog as this blog is for my memory too. OK

Thanks Amigos-Amigas

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