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Friday, February 26, 2010

Left Barcelona and got to Granada !!!

Check out a couple of pictures of the caves hippie type people live in mtns in Granada. They fix their caves up really nice as this was the reason I went to Granada. Hell I could / would have hung out in this guy's cave if I wasn't heading to Morocco and rest of West Africa. Oh well maybe one day I'll come back but kinda doubt it!

I had enough of Barcelona & wanted to get my ass out of town. So planned to catch the 930 pm train to Granada and where ever else the wind blew me. But first I went for something to eat with a friend. Unfortunately we got carried away with our conversation and before we realized it well it was 9 pm. So had to stay the night and try the next night. But like I don’t plan too far ahead so didn’t buy a ticket or even know where the train station was or had a ticket. So after getting careful directions on how to get to train station by metro I arrived a hr early to catch the train.

But found out that the train was full so shit what the f&ck I had to either to stay another night or try and catch the midnight bus. Unfortunately the bus station was on the other side of town but did manage to made my way over to the bus station and managed to get a ticket on the bus to Granada. But I had 2 hrs to kill so proceeded to fall asleep on the bench while I waited. Then suddenly I woke u to find it was 10 mins before the bus left. So grabbed my pack and put it in the probably the first bus I saw as wasn’t thinking as usual. The bus driver checked my ticket and didn’t say anything so thought I had the right bus. But then realized shit I have to piss so ran off the bus to find a bathroom but they were closed so shit just pissed by the bus. When I got on there was someone in my seat so when I told him he looked at my ticket and said the bus was going to another place. So had to get off get my bag and find my bus which luckily hadn’t left. So after all that shit I got on my bus and got my music on and could sleep for most of the night along the way. But shit I’ve bin dare dun dis a 100 times before in Centrastl & South America, Asia and Africa before so nothing bothers me on the bus anymore. One thing I have trouble with on buses is that I can never figure out which town is which so I never know when to get off the Bus.

So you probably wonder why I went to Granada?? Well there were a couple of reasons but basically I wanted to go and check out the Caves in Granada that Hippies live in. There were only about a 15 min walk from the hostel I was staying. The way the people fixed up their caves was amazing. I was able to go into one guy’s place and it was awesome. Like most he had a door which he could lock. He had added plaster to the ceiling and walls of his cave. He had a living room- kitchen with a stove & fireplace and a table, bedroom with a double bed, a small room for clothes, storage room to store wood for his fireplace. He had electricity (which they probably stole off their neighbors) but not sure if he had running water or not. But regardless it was all great to see the caves. I know if I stayed in Granada I would have probably moved into a cave myself cus love different experiences plus like to live free. I’m

But I guess the main reason that people visit Granada is to see the Al Hambra the castle/fortress that the Moors/Muslims built in the 800 years until about 1492 that they ruled Spain. Hell Christopher Columbus was hanging out in the Granada with Queen Isabella to get money to do his exploration gig to find America. Rumor has it he was shagging her when King Ferdinand was probably doing some slave or something. Sorry got off track but went on a free walking tour thru the hostel of the Arabic part of Granada. So found out a lot of the Arab quarters just like I learned a bunch about the Gothic part of Barcelona from a free walking tour. It may seem like I’m a complete partying idiot but I do pick up tidbits on my travels. Like did u know that George Orwell the novelist lived in Barcelona and that Ernest Hemingway hung out in Barcelona for a while too. Plus Pablo Picasso lived most of his life in Barcelona.

Yeah I was wondering around Granada and I noticed the Al Hambra on the other side of the river I was walking by and on top of these high hills. So thought shit I wanted to see place but didn’t want to walk all the way back to where u enter. So I climbed the high hills to see the place but s found a high barb wire fence but no entrance. So shit I just crawled under the fence and joined all the tourists viewing the place. It was nice to see but glad I didn’t pay the 13 E / $20 to see the place cus it wasn’t that great.

I liked the hostel in Granada a lot better than the Kabul Hostel in Barcelona. But it still had a lot of students with a break from university. But at least the students weren’t there to strictly party.

Shit I’m not a big fan of the people staying in hostels in Europe as don’t consider them travelers as they aren’t actually travelling but just come to the hostel for a week or so when they have a break from university. But hey anyone can stay in them so who am I to say even tho I do! Ha ha.

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