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Monday, February 22, 2010

Have this Love/Hate Relationship with Barcelona & dislike Kabul Hostel as too many immature kids!

btw: I didn't add pics but if u want to see some check back again or check my Facebook (will try there) as it's dam slow to add them on my blog but will try to when I get to a good internet connection but shit heading to Morocco and then more into West Africa so who knows. But what the hell so u´ll have to wait. But in the meantime get bored reading my blog! ha ha

Yeah I know I was in Barcelona for about 2 weeks so you probably wonder why the fuck would someone stay in a place they didn’t care about it or didn’t really like being there? Well let’s just say that the reason that I was in Barcelona was I stopped in to visit my good friend Sharax who I met travelling in Mexico & Central America a year ago. So when I arrived in BCN she wanted me to call her so I did from the airport and was to meet her at the Plaza Calayona (so I thought she said but it was actually at another stop but of course didn’t listen correctly as usual). So got to my stop and waited 15 mins and she didn’t show up but thought shit she lives by Spanish time. But after 25 mins I tried calling her but while doing this I got robbed of my bag containing my computer, all my chargers, etc. So that was a crappy start to my 6 month trip but what the hell hope those fuckers enjoy my computer.

So that was my introduction to Barcelona so I stayed at Sharax’s place for the weekend but then felt that I didn’t want to have her always feel that we had to hang out every day as she had a lot of friends so why hang out with me.

So mistake 2 was checking into the Kabul Hostel which is in the center of the city. Great location, prices are good as it included breakfast and dinner. The downside of the place is it was a big party hostel which is a no no for moi! Cus I have no will power and have to participate so that kept me occupied for 3 weeks until I could drag my ass out of that shit hole.

One of the reasons for the lengthy stay was Sharax said you have to stay for Carnival (Mardi Gras) which meant I had to hang there till last Wed so I could partake in the festivies. The Spanish version of Carnival is slightly different than in Latin America. In Spain people dress up in costumes and basically play out the roles of their costumes or at least the Spanish friends of Sharax’s that I went to did. While in Latin America the people don’t dress up but party in the streets while the parade goes along. The people I went with were dressed as Cat Woman, Batman, Incredible Hulk, etc. So we went to this beach side city about a 40 min train ride away from Barcelona. There was a train full of partiers on the midnight train that we took. So the partying didn’t start till late and we didn’t leave until about 6 am and didn’t get home till about 7 am. So it was one hell of a party as there was a parade & bars with music going on at everyone. I attended Carnival in Trinidad/Tango last year and it was fun and enjoyable but very different as the people there are all of African descent so it was more dancing in the streets than role playing. Yeah so enjoyed both but kind of like the dancing but not to say I don’t like playing around too.

So yeah once Carnival was over last Wed well I could have left but it took me a couple days to get my shit together to leave. But as expected I met a bunch of awesome & interesting people in Barcelona.

The first ones I met were in my dorm room. There was Jesus who is an African American who told me he’s the son of man (not son of God). He’s been living in Spain off and on for 10 years. He lived in New York city but came to Spain as the Man gave him a question and he came to get the answer. He told me more but wasn’t really into hearing a lot of crap!! But we got along great as I just told him the truth like he’s no more Jesus than I’m Mohammed!!! So he told me that the Judgement day would come and I was going to be judged. He would come to me in 5000 years to tell me that I wasn’t a believer. Yeah he was going to live forever while I was a mere mortal. We always talked as we had our morning smoke on the Terrace when going to the weather was nice. He had all these balloons by his bunk and hardy had room to sleep. He was a cook and made money by baking pies and Qucihe at this guy’s restaurant. I told him real men don’t eat Quiche which usually got his goat!! But like I didn’t care as we were friends so he never gave me any. But had some of his pie and it was awesome! It was odd cus he came across with all this Jesus stuff but he was also the resident grass seller at the hostel!

Then another interesting person in my room was Melissa a Canadian chick who’s husband died in a skiing accident. She grieved for a couple years and then decided to take the insurance money to use it sparingly to travel and not work anymore. So she moved to England and using it as a base to see all of UK and Europe and then move on to other continents. So I had a lot in common with her as that’s basically my theory in life although I don’t have an insurance to use but hey it’s only money. But it’s her philosophy on life and travel that we were on the same page.

Met this Irish chick Ness from Ulster who was a real odd. She was in BCN for a week to get away. But found out she didn’t work as she was on the Dole and her partner was also on the Dole. They had a 10 month old boy who Social Services had taken from them. Her partner had a 2 year old boy from another relationship and Ness had a 11 year old boy from another relationship too. They were looking after ser partner’s 2 year old boy and the kid fell out the window. He didn’t get hurt but Social Services took both boys away from them. She told me she had both of them got $2400 together and they lived a simple life in some small village in Ulster. She was kind of insecure when she was with educated people as I gathered she had little or no education. Which is probably why we got along OK cus even if I'm educated well I'm more like an uneducated idiot! But she was a real nice person but had little to contribute to a conversation.

Then there was Caroline a Brazilian chick who lived in Spain until her bf in Spain tried to kill her so she was back in Spain for the trial. But it seemed that the attempt really affected her as one night she lost it as she thought that 2 guys in her dorm were talking about harming her. So she called the cops to tell them which is what I saw one morning when I was going to the bathroom. She was a bit strange but nice and easy to talk with.

Also met Mathijs from Holland, Lisa and Amandine. We hung out together and then Mathijs and Lisa left to go travelling some more. So ended up becoming friends with Amandine, her friend Alice (from Romania via France) and a couple of other French people. So basically I was the only one that only spoke on language English.

So yeah got into the party and people scene there so enjoyed myself. But didn’t really care for the Kabul hostel cus it was full of kids coming there to party from high school and 1st year of university in Europe. Cus I’m more used to hard core travelers like myself but still like to party and talk to anyone that I meet. But of course along the way I didn’t get out of BCN after a few days as I planned.

But became good friends with Amandine and Alice plus a bunch of their friends and a lot of others too many to mention. Probably more with Alice as we were in the same space as we didn’t both ddn’t give a shit about anything except family and friends. I’ve had my Mom and x wife’s Mom (she was like a Mom to me) die in the past 2 months. She was also a great friend who was there for me when I was dealing with it. So it reinforced my thought that is anything really important in life but family & friends. So does it matter if u have a great paying job to buy a fancy car, clothes, big ass house, big screen tve, etc cus it can all be gone in a flash so did it all matter in the big picture. Both of us believe we should live to enjoy life, meet people to learn from them which is Really Life. The rest of the shit in life is all just stuff we accumulate in life while we do what is really important in life which is Enjoying and Living.Life to the max.

So since Alice and I were on the same wave length we have become good friends. So we hung out a lot as we both didn’t give a fuck. So now I have 2 friends in Barcelona.

When people make friends travelling it’s always like an intense friendship for a very short period. So you become real good friends but then unfortunately you go your separate and never meet again. But hey that’s life I’m at least grateful to have met the people I did even for a short period.

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