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Created this blog to document my travels, experiences & thoughts thru Central & South America but hell plan to blog my travels to where ever. Goofy harmless Free Spirit hoping to spend most of my time with locals & enjoy the world! So hang on as I travel, drink cervezas, raise a little hell, maybe piss off a few people & hopefully not give Canadians a bad reputation! Of course don't do these things on purpose but while having a good time well "Shit Happens"!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Morocco or Little Europe was fun to visit but shit wouldn't come again.

Well about to leave Morocco as pretty well did about all the damage I could cause there lol. Not really but more places to go and see so can't hang here for long! Spent the last 6 days in Essovira hanging out with Mathjis and Lisa plus this German chick with the Spanish name Menwala

The last couple nights got into the booze here and it was fun but a bit expensive to expensive. One night Mathjiss didn't want to do anything so Lisa decided to go to a bar here for a change. it out to be a piss up as we both endedhe up getting pretty shitfaced. We had beer and shooters which didn't help But she's from Estonia so she definitely could out drink me but that's not hard to do, but it was a fun night cause we hadn't drunk for a few weeks here in Morocco cus its hard to find and expensive. She couldn't remember a thing while I was so pissed I was passing out asleep. But as soon as we got outside and had a smoke well I was riglht again. But Lisa was stil quite drunk but she did drink a lot more than me. Then the place 2 nights we've been buying beer and cheap wine from a bottle shop.

So tomorrow we're all leaving a the other 3 are headed north back to Europe. While I'm going south on a 26 hr bus ride to Dakhila which is the last large city in southern Morocco. So this is a good spot to get ihonfor and mayb hook a ride down to Mauritania and maybe even to Senegal.

I think that Morocco is a bit too touristy for me. It's probably one of the worse if not the worse places I've been to for hassling visitors. Hell when u get off a bus they will hound u about a place to stay. South East Asia and Central America are bad but Morocco ranks up on top.

Shit I've been followed and talked to by a local wanting to be my guide. So if that doesn't work the guy will try to sell me dope! In Chefchaoun I was offerred every kind of dope known to man. Of they're big bullshitters so doubt they had them all. But hell if I bought all the hash offerred to me well would probably have 50 kilos by now. I pride myself in being bit of an expert in grass and know good hash when I smoke it. But have to say that the Moroccan hash is vastly overrated. The way the talk went, hell I was expecting to have one hit off a pipe or toke off a joint and I'd be wasted! But shit I could probably smoke for hours and not get as shit face stoned as I would on stuff grown in BC (BC Bud as its called). Hell the grass in Spain was pretty peppery too! But heck u probably didn't want to read a smoking blog. But hey I'm sorry but I'm an expert so few things that hell I had to try to impress u guys. I know I can't impress the ladies on any topic so thought I'd spread some of my knowledge from the New Amsterdam Cafe in Vancouver ha ha!

OK now what was I talking about? Oh yeah about Morocco! Yeah another thing that kind of got under my skin was the way they hassled me about being Japanese! They'd try to say some Japanese words they picked up from an authentic Japanese person. They'd say Japan or something stupid like Sayonara which means good bye. Then they'd say hello come in my shop, want some hash, need hotel, etc. Well what's stupid is they don't know what the words mean cus who'd say good bye and then proceed to sell u some shit! Then what really got to me was when they tried to do some martial arts crap like swinging their arms, etc. Now I saw this kind of shit in Central and South America but nothing like in Morocco. Luckily in S.E. Asia the locals never did the martials arts imitation but then most of them looked more like a martial arts guy than me! But I chalk it up to the ignorance of the people. I got sick of hearing that shit that I told a bunch of the Moroccans that they were fuckin stupid. One guy said why are u calling Moroccans stupid. So I told him if u came to Canada no one would yell out Morocco, Arab or imitate a fuckin terrorists, etc. Hell the people are a bit more with it in Canada or other western country. Hell I thought what would happen if the next Moroccan who came to me & imitated a guy doing Martial Arts or where I was from that I was an Arab terrorist or pretended to be one. They're so friggin crazy that they'd probably rearrange my face. So thought yeah my face already looks like it was on fire and someone put it out with an axe. So maybe I wouldn't do that one man act well unless I really did know some Martial Arts.

Another fun thing is when people try to sell me something to me on the street. Well they want to sell something to me but expect me to set the price!!!!! I usually (no actually I really don't want the friggin thing they have) don't give a shit if I get it or not so I offer about one quarter the price to start. (sorry can't figure out on my Spanish keyboard how to key in the one quarter symbol. Shit it's hard to believe I've fallen so much from a guy who made his living in 6 countries working with computers who now can't figure out keyboards, what a joke I am).

Yeah the last big thing that turns me off Morocco are the large number of tourists here. Shit it seems in Marrakesch there are as many Europeans in the Big Square (the only place in Marrakesch to see) as there are Moroccans. There are also a lot of tourists in Essouira, Chefchaoen and a few other places but yeah there are a lot around.

But must say there are a few chilled places that I enjoyed like Essouira, Chefchaoen and Merzouga. But definitely all the large cities are shit holes - Rabat, Tangiers, Marrakesch and probably Casablanca but never made it there. Fes is sort of in between being a shit hole and OK but what the hell it was a bit of a shit hole too!!!

Yeah one thing that I did miss in Morocco was beer and bars to chill or get shit faced! But maybe its just as well Morocco has no bars! Cus one night Phillip and I went to this hotel that sold beer! The beer was about half the size of a normal bottle any where in the world. Plus the beer was really shitty tasting and it wasn't only my opinion but by Phillip a German who are people who know their beer!!

But glad I made it to Morocco so now I can cross it off the list of countries I want to visit again! I like Arab people, environment, souks and culture as I lived and worked in Oman and Saudi Arabia for a few years. But there they never came on strong and tried to sell or make a buck off me all the time.

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