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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wild & Crazy Time in Peru but a bit too touristy for me!!

Yeah so I'm a little behind in my blogging but is there a time limit to blog about travelling??
Anyway Thomas my French buddy and I got to Lima, Peru by taking a 26 hr bus ride from Guayaquil., Ecuador as he had been there for 4 months before going to Ecuador. On the bus we met a Chilean guy who told us we could stay at his friend´s home. The guy Amadeus was an Venezuelan Magician who reminded me of a Shaman. He had changed from Christianity to Hinduism and was really into the Mystical stuff. We partied all night and the next day moved to a hostel. There we met up with some other people and headed down to a bar with free live Jazz music. That was some night cuz again we got no sleep. Then we organized a Kareoke night which included a lot of people from the hostel. There we met a Dutch and English chick and Thomas seem to like the Dutch girl so he suggested we head to the jungle to try some ayawaska. This is not a drug but a potion created by a Shaman which is then given to a person in an ceremony performed by a Shaman. So we headed to Pucallpa a city near the Brazi which was a 14 hr bus ride which took us to this other city. So we had to take a taxi for 5 hrs but turned out to take 8 hrs due to 2 flat tires and a crappy car. So we stayed overnight and the next day took a 1 hr boat ride to the village of San Francisco. We didn't have to come with flowers in our hair cuz there were plently of vegetation and mosiquitos there. If there's one thing I can't stand it's mosiquitos so I wasn't a happy camper in the evenings as the days until 4 pm was bearable.

The Ayawask ceremony was performed in the evening around 9 pm in the lodge of the Shaman which also served as our sleeping quarters. We were provided mats to sit or lay on during the 8 hr event. The Shaman did his thing by spreading smoke around the room and us. Then he would come to each of us, chant and give us a portion to drink. Then after all the people (there were 7 of us) had drank the potion the Shaman chanted a song. Then the light was turned off and we say in the lodge in silence except for the Shaman chanting periodically throught the night. It took about an hour before the effects of the Ayawaka took effect. Each person has a different experience depending on the number of times they had participated in the ceremony. What is recommended is to fast and diet prior to the ceremony cuz most people vomit and it is hoped that the inpurities are released from the body at this time. We didn't fast or diet so of course what would be released from our bodies would be the food we had eaten earlier.
Well after about a hr when I had my eyes closed I started to hallucinate and see all kinds of weird objects flying around. I saw bats, blocks and other weird objects flying through the air. This went on for a long time and I started to feel a bit dizzy from the objects flying towards me. Finally after a long period I felt myself feeling nauseous as is expected as a bucket is provided to vomit. Once I vomited the hallucinations seemed to subside and the Shaman offerred more Ayawaska. The length and effects of the Ayawaska seemed to vary among all of us. Thomas had participated in the ceremony previously so his effects seemed to be more intense and longer lasting. There was a girl from Chile who had been at the village for 4 months and participated many times in the ceremony. There was a Japanese guy who appeared to have had chemotherapy as he had no body hair. He had been participating in the ceremony for a month and felt his hair was returning. He was fasting and on a diet so he could be heard trying to vomit all night long. The ceremony for me lasted until from 9 PM to about 4 am. We participated the next night too and the effects were totally different. It was an experience that I'm glad I participated in but it's not something I'd do on a regular basis like some do. There was another potion called San Pedro that is from a Peyote plant which I would also liked to have tried but didn't pursue it.

So after we did the jungle ayawaska gig the others wanted to go check out the beaches in Northern Peru. Now I'm not a big beach fan at least sun tanning but hey liked hanging with Thomas, Els & Lilly so joined them after spending a couple days in Lima to meet up with this friend of mine!

Then after that do more of the tourist stuff ie Machu Pichu, sand boarding, Cusco, hiking, oetc. etc. But kind of like Peru so far!!!!

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