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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Really enjoyed Bocas Del Toro and wished I went there instead of Puerto Viejo for New Years

Given it was New Year’s Day we did find our way to Bocas.

We had forgotten that it was New Years and that the hostels were all full but we managed to find a hostel dorm bed. The thing I liked about Bocas was the streets were wide so it didn’t seem congested like Puerto Viejo. Bocas Del Toro is a group of islands and the main island where the main town is called Isla Colon where we stayed. There are hostels on one of the other islands but it’s not that great. But we did go to a couple of the other islands to check the beaches.

There were water taxis which transported people from island to island for a dollar or 2. Oh I should mention that Panama uses the US dollar. Panama has it’s own currency although I understand they do have their own currency but never saw any of it.

The hostel we stayed had a great openness to it and people just hung out there all day. So we found ourselves plaving cards when we hung around having a beer at the bar. Then at night everyone headed to one of the bars for a cold one and usually it ended in the wee hours as they stumbled back to their hostel. I liked the whole atmosphere of Bocas and hanging there more than Puerto Viejo.

We went to this one island which had an awesome beach on the other side. But we had to walk for 20 mins thru the jungle to get there. So depending on whether it rained or not then the walk could be a muddy mess.
Luckily it hadn’t rained for a day or so it was a dry walk to the beach. The beach itself had giant waves to play around in or people who like to lay in the sun could do it. But I tend to go for a run on the beach so I spent some time going for a run on it.

What I remember most of Bocas is the fun I had with some good friends I made on my travels. Snake, Smiley, Clair, Geek and her Norwegian friends.

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