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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

During the past years of 2012 & 2013 some things have been happening in Syria & some other countries that has disturbed me cuz those countries were truly nice to see and visit so couldn’t believe the Shit that has been happening!!

May be mistaken but I'm wondering if Muslim terrorists are getting a foothold in different countries as is witnessed by what is happening in Syria! Which may be why the US, England and France plus other less vocal countries are debating over what to do in Syria regardless whether the Assad government had gassed their peep or Rebels as has been stated!

Cuz it made me kinda sad when I see what was been happening in Syria cuz it's really a beautiful country & peep to met when went there in 2010 as U can see in the pictures I took in Syria!




It seemed that the civil war that is happening had radical Muslims, Taliban & Al Qaeda may be involved http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taliban in helping the Rebels fight the government in Syria!


But as I wrote on some one's Posting on FB that it's difficult to know exactly what to believe when we see the shit that the dam media broadcasts like the Media staging false broadcasts to get the Public swayed to their way of thinking!!


Which got me to think what a Croc of Shit the fuckin media feeds the world!!! Meantime during most skirmishes the poor fuckin military get sucked into putting their ass on the line for what - a bunch of staged bull shit to hype & sway the idiot public????? Fuck our countries make me laugh as don't even fuckin talk about Arab & Communism propaganda cuz fuck is the Western Countries slimy media any better or different??

But hell know most soldiers don't give one sweet fuck about politics but put their ass on the line for their buddies fighting next to them, the adrenaline rush & a lot now do it for the bonuses pay for oversea tours of duty!!! They don't really fuckin care or even want to debate the reason(s) & which countries are involved cuz would prob just piss them off!! So fuck the bull shit Patriotism our countries try to drill into us (wake up U idiot Americans espec., Canadians, English, Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, etc. U'r fuckin getting taken in by what???)!! Shit figure the soldiers should get their shit together - get their countries to trained them & then say fuck U assholes & the countries involved & side with whoever the fuck puts the most cash on the table (sad to get money involved but.... wtf seems the only thing the public & World understands espec the slime ball Politicians (the fuckin assholes as send those jerks to the front line with their bag of cash!) who are just in it to get rich like the greedy friggn Senators in Canada!!) & that's coming from someone who fuckin cares dick all about money, patriotism & violence cuz fuck in My World just love enjoying Life, roaming the World traveling & doing fuck all until the Big Guy Upstairs comes a calling!!!!! Sorry for being so pissed & vocal but fuck this just ........

Although I don't like the idea of the western media feeding us bullshit or staging incidents to sway the general public but I also think that there are other countries having political problems like is happening in Mali & Mauritania in West Africa! Cuz it seems that the Al Qaeda is involved in Mali!

As of July 2012, Timbuktu in Mali was in the hands of Islamist rebels who captured the city from a secular rebel group in June. Most of the area's population has fled to non-rebel controlled areas of Mali or Niger. The rebels have imposed sharia law, which includes mandatory veils for women, the stoning of adulterers, and punitive "amputations" for thieves. The rebels have called for the destruction of all of the city's shrines, which they believe to be a form of idolatry banned by Islam. It appears most, if not all, of the shrines have been destroyed. More information can be found in the warning at the top of the Mali page.

Even before the city's capture by rebels, the city was not very safe. Timbuktu lies precariously close to the desert areas where Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) have roamed freely and kidnapped many Westerners in the last few years. In November 2011, this reality finally struck home when 3 Western tourists were abducted (and a 4th killed while resisting) from a Timbuktu hotel in broad daylight!!

Travel to Timbuktu should absolutely not be considered at the moment and travelers should follow the advice of your embassy. (Updated July 2012)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al-Qaeda are invading those 2 countries!! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-13917344

Becuz to me Mali and Mauritania were just hot dusty countries but safe and easy to get around with no problems (at least Mali but Mauritania was a but sketchy) when I visited them in 2010!



When I hear or read about the sketchy asshole Media staging incidents I'm not really sure what is actually or staged! So I try to read articles from 3 or 4 sources from different countries not just from US!!!!!!

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