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Friday, April 16, 2010

Left hot Mali to cooler Lebanon, but then I screwed up again . Yeah the Idiot strikes again but you have to read more to find out what I did this time

OK so my plan was to get to Lebanon and go to Syria from there but that’s where the plan unravelled (well I gave it a 15 min thought so should I consider that to be a plan?). But it was actually my stupidity cus thought I was really a wiz with my Middle East geography (hey usually geography was my only strong subject jn school). But you know for some stupid reason I thought that I could go overland from Lebanon to Turkey. Then I’d go to Ankara to the Syrian Embassy and to get my Syrian visa! But shit when I got here to Beriut in my wisdom I asked about buses to Ankara, Turkey. Oh I was told “U should get a bus to Aleppo in Syria and then into Turkey.” So I found out that u have to go thru Syria to get to Turkey. But fuck I can’t go thru Syria to get to Turkey cus Duh the reason I’m going to Turkey is so I get a Visa to get to Syria.

So I had hoped to go by bus out of Lebanon overland up into Eastern Europe to catch my flight back to Canada. But I can’t go overland now as I can’t pass thru Syria without getting my Visa.
So that’s why the authorities in countries want people to have you to have a return ticket when u fly somewhere. It’s to stop Idiots like me from going somewhere and not have a way out! Yeah they’d be pissed cus TunisAir flew in to Lebanon but I don’t really have a way out!

So guess you could say I’m kind of caught between a rock and a hard place in a way. So how the fuck can get around my delimena? Well the way I see I have 3 possible alternatives.

1. Catch a bus, throw myself at the mercy of the Syrian immigration people and try to get a Visa there. I’ve heard that some people have gotten theirs like that. But I’ve also been told that they will only give it to people who’s country don’t have Syrian Embassies. But Canada has a Syrian Embassy.

2. The guide book says that Syria just opened an Embassy in Beruit so I could try to get one there but it would be a bit time consuming and not known if they would even issue a visa for Canadians.

3. buy an airline ticket to either Ankara or Damman Jordan which ever is cheaper to get my Syrian visa there. But think that I’m better off going to Ankara cus if I can’t get a Syrian Visa I could bus my way of Turkey. Where as if I couldn’t get a Syrian visa in Jordan, I’m be stuck in Jordan with no easy way out of there like I am in Beruit.

But think what I’ll do is try alternative #1 cus it’s only a 2 hrs and a $15 bus ride to the Syrian border to find out if I get shot down. Then if that fails then I’ll go back to Beruit and try going to the Syrian Embassy and apply for a visa and wait the 2 days or so. Then as the final resort well I’ll bite the bullet and buy a plane ticket to Ankara, Turkey. And no Canadians don’t need a visa to Turkey. Shit that’s one of the worse things about travelling and that is getting visas. Heck I’m not like most people cus I don’t get my visas before I leave home. Well mainly cus I have no idea where I’m heading most of the time. Hell last year I knew about having to get a Brazilian visa but didn’t get one cus the guy in the Consulate in Vancouver pissed me off zicus he demanded to see a ticket out of Brazil but said I was taking a bus so he said need to see the ticket. So kind of told him off so couldn’t get one there. Then forgot to get one and missed out getting to Brazil for Carnival time but hey went to Trinidad for Carnival instead. So learned my lesson and won’t tell people off but hey I’ll probably still won’t get my visa when I should!!!

So if and when I get my Syrian Visa then I plan to attack my next Visa issue. How to get a Visa to go to Iran!!!! But in the meantime stay tuned and if my next blog is still from Beruit then plans ! failed and I’m working on plan 2.

Hey just thought of plan 4, check out a boat ride to Turkey, I took a bunch of boats around the Pacific ocean side of Darian Gap between Panama and Columbia, so why not here…..hmmm ….

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